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What is boot camp?

Never boring and always an adventure, classes include resistance training and cardiovascular exercise such as running (short distances), push-ups, sprints, lunges, jumping jacks, jump roping, kickboxing, stretching, cone drills, obstacle courses, and whatever else it takes to distract you from the fact you’re getting a great workout!

  • Designed for both men and women who want something different and want results.
  • Under 18 workout for FREE! (must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • Please bring plenty of water, a towel or yoga mat, and challenging weights (optional).  It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy running shoes that are not too worn.

What is Weights Only Workout?

You don’t need fancy equipment to build muscle strength. Burn calories with just a few pairs of everyday dumbbell weights. Correct form in weight training improves strength, muscle tone, and maintaining a healthy weight. Don’t have weights? No worries, we have some for you. No jumping, no running. Definitely for all ages and abilities!

What is the meaning of LSD?

It’s my initials (Lisa S. Durocher). Soon after I became married, I knew that my initials would be useful. I’m 49 and in my 21st year of fitness training.  My expertise is motivating, moving and molding willing clients. My certification is in Group Fitness through AFAA and CPR certified. My fitness specialties are strength training, interval training, cardio kickboxing, and core conditioning. My dealing-with-every-day-life specialties are multi-tasking, effective delegation, not sweating the small stuff, self-control, goal-setting, and laughter. No, I will not yell in your face!

I have a supportive husband, and 3 very busy children who give me a workout every day! I’m also an educator extremely active in the communities served. HOWEVER, I still have made health and fitness a critical piece of my lifestyle.

I am crazy-excited to share my passion and drive with you. I understand and realize that living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.  However, I believe and so will you, that it is never too late to make your health, nutrition and fitness a part of your every day lifestyle. For most of us, it’s not do we have time to do it? It’s, are we ready to do it?

Meet the Other Instructors

Tia Rooney

Let me start out by saying how honored I am to be asked by Lisa to join her on her journey to promote healthy living and fitness!  Next I want to say how excited I am to work with all the people I have sweat with since Boot Camp with L.S.D began! To all the new people who are ready to challenge themselves, have fun and do something great for their body and mind I can’t wait to meet you!tiaforbootcampI started going to Lisa’s boot camp from the beginning to challenge myself and to change up my workout routine which is important if you want to continue to see results.  I have always been an active person, but have always struggled with my weight. after having my third child I was stuck at 185 lbs. I worked out regularly and thought I was eating healthy. Not until 2006 did I decide to really change my diet…no processed foods, lots of water and eating 5-6 small meals a day.  Then I added in weight training to my workouts…no more 5 lb weights using for me, 10lbs and higher only. The changes were exciting to see! Combined with cardio and boot camp workouts I lost 30 lbs in six weeks and after 8 years I am 40 lbs lighter and stronger and more fit than I have ever been!!!I can’t wait to motivate, challenge and to make fitness not only fun for you, but addicting to you!  It’s the only addiction you need! Working with all of you will keep me motivated, challenge me and inspire me…so thank you!
–Tia Rooney

2 responses to “Tell Me More

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great idea Lisa!!… , I think!?!? It will be exciting and fun to see our progress (in writting) Although I didn’t see my name anywhere!! Oh well! maybe next time. Paula

    • Boot Camp with LSD

      You’re the first person to post a comment – yeah!! You can find your name on the attached files. There are files, one for sit-ups and another for push-ups. See you soon.

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