New Class Starts April 7th

First, I want to thank everyone for participating in the Workout to support a Community member. Yesterday, April 2, 2016, was both magical and memorable. People from all around gathered at the BFA Fairfax High School gym to support a woman and her family that we all know and love. The Workout consisted of Boot Camp, Zumba, followed by Yoga. A special thank you to Kathy Bourdeau, Zumba instructor and Lonnie Poland, Yoga instructor. Thank you to the one and only, the most amazing, Paula Coli for helping me coordinate the event. BFA Fairfax National Honor Society students volunteered their time; thank you gentlemen. A special thank you to RiseVT, Moretti and his crew for setting up shop with their smoothie bike and wonderful prizes along with their healthy message. Another special mention is the BFA St. Albans Boys Varsity Lacrosse team. They came to show support for their assistant coach’s mother. It’s impressive to have high school students get up early and attend a grueling workout first thing on a Saturday morning. Thank you to Mark Capsey, their head coach for encouraging and supporting the students. When I looked out from the stage onto the sea of people wanting to be tortured, it warmed my heart to see long-time boot campers, newcomers and people from all ages and backgrounds.

“It is not more bigness that should be our goal.  We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to…the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility…and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children’s future.”  Robert F. Kennedy

New Class Starts Thursday, April 7

Weights Only Workout…No Running, No Jumping, No Weights? No Problem



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