Week of March 1, 2015

We’re Back to 6:30pm Start Time

Yeah! Spread the word. Starting Monday, March 2, we’re back to a 6:30pm start time for Mondays and Thursdays. Saturdays are still at 8am.

See you at 6:30pm.

Show Me Your Meal Challenge

Week 3 winner is . . . Lisa Schukei. She won organic green beans from Georgia!

I’m a week behind. You have until Monday evening to show me your meal for the final and fourth weekly drawing.

Special thank you to The Farm Store in Jeffersonville, VT. It’s nice to partner with local business.

Here were the entries from week 3.


Here's a yummy hummus I just made! 1 can of chick peas rinsed,
about 3/4 of an avocado, a handful of spinach and a few splashes of lemon juice.

Here is my meal post...my lunch today
Chicken Avocado Salad Wraps
Chopped chicken about 6 oz. 
1/2 an avocado 
1/4 c craisens reduced sugar kind
Mix those together place on 
Romain lettuce leaves wrap and eat! :')
Side dish
1/2 c Baked sweet potato with a touch of cinnamon

My hands down favorite and go-to Scramble breakfast: 2 local or organic eggs, 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 cup fresh kale, 5 mushrooms, 1 oz goat cheese, dried thyme, sea salt & pepper. It fills me up all morning!

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