Week of January 18, 2015

Blast from the Past

I started this blog five years ago and I thought it would nice to go down memory lane once in a while. Here’s a link to what we were doing five years ago this week . . . See if you can find your name in this post: https://lsdbootcamp.wordpress.com/2010/01/17/a-perfect-10/

Remember this? Summer of 2010, I think.

Remember this? Summer of 2010, I think. Recognize anyone?





Push-Up Challengers . . . Hope you’re still plugging away at 100 a day

We love hearing about your stories, viewing your videos and seeing your pictures.

Pseudo-Planche Push-Up

Click this image to go to the link

Here’s a link to more variations . . . 82 to be exact. Some have videos and some explain the move in pictures.







Food, Glorious Food!

I know you’re trying to get back on track. One way is to prepare your food on a day that has a lull in activity. For me, it’s Sundays. Caution: Don’t grocery shop and prepare your food in one day . . . believe me, it’s too stressful. paleo batch cooking game-plan for just two hours of work

I’ve shared several hundred links to food ideas and I’ll continue to do so, but to find past recipes, just type “recipe” in the search field on this blog and you’ll find a lot of results.

Here’s a few more:




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