Revealing the Push-Up Pictures

Some Facebook Fun & Revealing the Faces Behind the Push-Ups Pics

I realize that some of you don’t have a Facebook account; however, you can still revel (well maybe not revel) in the outcome of what happened Friday night into Saturday morning.

Look closely and yes, it’s Life cereal on the floor.

I said, “For EVERY “Like” from now & before tomorrow at 7am (that’s Sat), we have to do 5 push ups at home, at tomorrow’s boot camp, wherever. Yes that’s on top of the 100 per day. You have until Sunday to get them in :- )”

Final comment, “Ok…before 7am we had 18 likes. Push up Challengers that means an extra 90 push ups to complete over the weekend. No problem! Pass it on to those who are not on FB. I’ll post it on our blog too.”

For those of you who are just reading this and it’s past the weekend, just find a way to weave in those extra 90 before the end of the month.

Faces Behind the Push-Ups Pics

Click on this picture to reveal the Boot Camper. Was from 2012.

pu image

No boot campers in this one. Albeit, it would be a great one! I found this one online.

pu washer

At first it could be Donna Liberty, but no, this one is fake. Good idea though 🙂

pu chelsea

Our beloved Brynn and Chelsea. Doing push-ups with her mom 🙂 Thanks for sharing Chelsea.



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