New Year’s Schedule & Challenge Announced

New Year’s Schedule

YES!!!! Boot Camp tomorrow morning at 8am! First time, or every time, get up and come to BFA Fairfax. It doesn’t get easier, trust me! We’re releasing a January Challenge and then a February Challenge. The picture below will give you a hint of the January challenge. See you tomorrow, 12/27. I’ll be staying after if anyone wants to get in an extra workout/row.

Also, we’ll have class on Monday, December 29 at 7pm, no class on Thursday, January 1, then class on Saturday, January 3 at 8am.

January Challenge. Chance to Win a Top-of-the-Line Jump Rope

Oh, I know. We never feel the greatest this time of year. The guilt sets in, the dark sets in, and everything feels likes it’s setting (settling) in.

We’ve done this before. It’s simple! Commit to 100 push-ups a day for the entire push upmonth of January. That’s it! I don’t mean, grind out 100 push-ups at once. Break it up through out your day. In your bathroom before work, during work, at home, at your child’s practice. 100 a day is super easy! These are chest-to-the-ground push ups. Here’s a video link to give you some variety.

If you truly completed at least 100 per day every day in January, your name will jump ropebe entered into a drawing for a top-of-the-line jump rope custom made to your height and jumping ability.

If you’re in, click here:

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