Week of September 21, 2014

Boot Camp & Lack of Light

We will be starting and ending outside this Monday and Thursday. Then, due to lack of light, we’ll start inside the BFA Fairfax school. We’ve been inside the school for a few Saturdays now.

So remember, the first Monday and Thursday of starting inside will be on 9/29 & 10/2. However, we may venture outdoors for a warm up activity, so be prepared 🙂

Boot Camp News

It was nice to see Boot Campers at today’s 100 sun salutations for Lamoille Area Cancer Network. It was especially nice to see Vanessa!!! We’ll definitely feel those 100.

Welcome Back Erin!

My butt is really sore from those threading lunges. I like those. More to come!

Handstands Were Optional on Saturday

Upcoming Events

Fun Runhttp://rotarycambridge.org/


Apple Recipes

I LOVE apple crisp! I could really eat it everyday. Here are some of my favorite recipes… http://paleogrubs.com/apple-crisp-recipes

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