Week of March 16, 2014

Hopefully, we can have a full week of boot camp classes this week. I saw this on Facebook and I know we all feel the same . . .
grassimageHere’s a picture of my porch after last week’s storm . . . Let’s chant: We want green, we want green!

I hope to get you outside for class soon. Be ready! There’s our favorite spring hill waiting for us 🙂 

This picture is from a few years ago (the bottom of the spring hill).

$100 Challenge

Last week, we kicked off the $100 Challenge. Will there be money left in the pot at the end of April? There’s a lot of people in this pot!

New Instructor

Boot Camp Instructor News…For now, Lisa Schukei needs to step back due to an amazing job promotion at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. She’ll attend boot tiaforbootcampcamp when she can and possibly sub if she’s free. Thank you Lisa for starting the Cambridge/Jeff boot camp and for being such a positive, energetic leader to everyone! To help fill the boot camp “beating” duties, I’m please to add Tia Rooney to the crew. Many of you know her as a successful photographer. She’s been working with individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals, and now she’ll be working with a larger, crazier group! Read more about Tia here: https://lsdbootcamp.wordpress.com/about/

Spring Recipes

Here’s a great link to several recipes using the fresh spring produce: cabbagerollshttp://onceamonthmeals.com/peak-produce-picks-spring/

10 paleo recipes with a St. Patrick’s Day theme: http://parade.condenast.com/268761/jenniferfarley/go-green-with-10-paleo-recipes-for-st-patricks-day/


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