8 Minute Ab Workout—Too Much Sitting in Our Lives

Here’s the 8 Min Ab workout video as promised. Thanks to my daughter who’s the videographer in the family. Many of you have committed to doing this each day in the month of Dec. Heck, why not each day? What’s 8 mins out of your day? Remember, there’s always modifications, just ask us.
This is a fun, quick workout, but core movements should primarily be total body movements/functional movements, not hundreds of crunches.
Happy Holidays!
Here’s some good advice from Mark’s Daily Apple: “Core strength – everyone is talking about it. Core is just a buzz word for  your midsection, and it’s very important to maximize your core health. A   healthy, strong core is the “core” of good health.A few key steps:

– You must shed that spare tire to naturally improve core health (cut out  that sugar, folks).

– Get both resistance and aerobic activity several times a week.

– Do one or two torso-focused exercise sessions a week. The midsection  doesn’t need much time: 10 or 15 minutes is enough.

– Maintain good posture.

– Implement some stretching and balance exercises into your workouts.

Trainer Russ Suchala and I were discussing this “core” topic the  other day – here’s why you must take care of your core if you  want good health:

“Training your core will result in tremendous benefits in a relatively short  amount of time. This is because a strong core improves your posture, decreases  your chance of injury, increases your power and functionality, and gives you a  great-looking lean midsection.

Core training is rapidly gaining popularity for one specific reason: sitting  leads to a weak core. Sitting? Yep, sitting.

Think about your typical work day. If you are like most people then your day starts with a 30-60 minute drive to work, followed by 8 hours at your desk and  then another 30-60 minute drive home. That’s a lot of sitting. And it all adds  up to one thing: a weak core.

The muscles that make up the core play a unique role since they provide  stabilization for your entire body.

Core training seeks to strengthen the muscles of your abdominal and lower  back using coordinated movement. A strong focus is put on contracting your  abdominal muscles by pulling your belly button in toward your spine throughout  the exercises to ensure that your core muscles are engaged.

Unfortunately many ailments stem from having weak core muscles. You may be  personally acquainted with the most common ailment…lower back pain. Other  problems include poor posture, being injury prone, having minimal strength and  (drum roll please) a bulging waistline.

Alleviating persistent back pain is one of the most welcomed benefits of a  strong core. An increase in strength and protection from injury are also nice,  and who doesn’t love to lose inches from their waist as a result of tightened  muscle?

Everyday motions such as lifting, squatting, reaching, twisting and bending  will become less challenging after strengthening your core. While you may not  immediately see the value in this, remember that it is better to be safe than  sorry – who really wants to throw out their back while taking out the  trash?”

Thanks, Russ. Apples, stick around for more fitness tips in future posts. It  doesn’t take much to improve your health and physique – just commitment to  action. As I always say, putting on the sneakers is 90% of the  battle.”

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/core/#ixzz2mvDbYgGE


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