Week of December 1, 2013

Fairfax Classes Move to 7pm (temporarily)

Fairfax Announcement! ‘Tis the season to change start boot camp at 7pm, instead of 6:30pm. We have to do this each year to accommodate school activities. For the next 3 mos, M & Th classes in Fairfax will start at 7pm sharp!

Jeffersonville is still at 6:30pm.

Saturdays in Fairfax is still at 8am. Please pass this on!

Good luck to the many boot campers participating in the Santa Run on Church Street. It’s quite an amazing site to see so many Santas in one place. I lifted this picture off of FB. Can you guess who the two ladies are?

Give the Gift of Fitness

Everyone’s lives are cluttered with gifts sitting on shelves and in closets. Consider giving a gift certificate for classes to Boot Camp with L.S.D. Ask any one of the instructors on how you can do this.

Challenge Time!

Many of you have wanted to do the 8 minute ab routine. Well here you go. Starting with today, do the 8 minute ab routine each day. Remember, if there’s any discomfort modify the move. Any questions on how to modify, please ask one of the instructors. Video of the moves is forthcoming, but here they are. Perform moves 1 -8 for one minute each, then finish with 25 push-ups:

  1. Leg levers (head off ground, hands underneath lower back for support, press lower back to ground)
  2. Reverse crunches (head on ground)
  3. Flutter kick (same hand and head position as leg levers)
  4. Oblique crunch to left side (left arm extended, right hand gently rests as neck, doesn’t pull, and reach with your right shoulder


    leading to your left quad and try to touch your left quad with your right elbow–don’t pull on neck to reach your leg)

  5. Oblique crunch to right side
  6. Scissor kick (same hand and head position as leg levers)
  7. Reverse crunches again (head on ground)
  8. Butterfly sit up
  9. Flip over and complete 25 push-ups (keep butt and torso very tight)

**Remember, if you have modifications, use them. Need them? Ask an instructor.

Just Boot It!justbootit

Time for a FUN challenge called Just Boot It!! Click on this link to see how it works. Message me if you have any questions. Pass this on to others. Don’t wait until after the holidays to start/stop something! Just Boot It!



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