Week of 11/24

Schedule Update for Thanksgiving

There are only two classes in Fairfax during Thanksgiving week: Monday at 6:30pm and Wednesday at 6:00pm (not 6:30pm). No class on Saturday.

The Wednesday class in Jeffersonville at 6:30pm is also happening.

As you enter Thanksgiving, remember, it’s not the one big holiday dinner to worry about, it’s the other 364 days we all need keep mindful of.

Speaking of eating, National Public Radio (NPR) has been doing a series on microbes. I’ve been having my high school students follow this series. Here’s one on how what you eat can effect your brain.

“Could the microbes that inhabit our guts help explain that old idea of “gut feelings?” There’s growing evidence that gut bacteria really might influence our minds.

“I’m always by profession a skeptic,”Illustration by Benjamin Arthur for NPR

says , a professor of medicine and psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles. “But I do believe that our gut microbes affect what goes on in our brains.” READ MORE/LISTEN TO THE STORY AT: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/11/18/244526773/gut-bacteria-might-guide-the-workings-of-our-minds

Westford Turkey Trot

This may be the best running event for your money. It’s only $10.00, the chili and baked goods are plentiful (and inexpensive), the prize table is enormous (where just about everyone walks away with a prize) and the atmosphere has such a great vibe, that it doesn’t feel like a bunch of individual runners keeping to themselves, but a community. Nice job Westford!

Nice job to Erin Rodger’s!! She joined boot camp in the summer and since then she’s blazed a trail of fitness and healthy eating. Her first official race was the Lamoille Obstacle Race and she made the Westford Turkey Trot her second where she ran the 3k after a grueling Saturday morning boot camp! Yes folks, she did boot camp first then ran. I guess you can say her muscles were prepped for the race. She’s quite the role model. Congratulations Erin!!

Also, I’m proud of my 7 year old son for coming in 2nd in the 9 and under group. He missed first by two seconds. However, he said he’s confident he’ll win next year’s division since the boy who beat him will be in the next age bracket (hmmmm, competitive little one isn’t he??)

Thank you to Sharon for bringing my son to the start of the pack to be with the competitive runners. Also, it was so nice to see the power couple Dana and Mitch Clark running together. Kevin, we know this was on your list of runs this year. Wishing you a speedy recovery and there’s not a boot camp class that goes by that we don’t talk about you–we miss you!



Bring a New Dish to Thanksgiving This Year!

It’s fun to introduce a new dish at holiday gatherings. I never announce that I’m bringing a new dish, I just do, set it on the table and let the people discover it roasted balsamic beets gluten-free recipethemselves. This link provides multiple veggie recipes, like squash with brussel sprouts and chestnuts, roasted fall vegetable medley recipebalsamic beets, and cauliflower rice . . . savor the flavor of your veggies! http://www.elanaspantry.com/tag/paleo-cooked-veggies/

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