Week of November 10, 2013

Kevin, we all wish you a speedy recovery! You’re a special part of our group; you’re such a good, good soul and when of us is injured, it effects us all. I hope you and Peg have room in your freezer!!! 

Schedule Updates

Thanksgiving week schedule is as follows:

  • Monday in Fairfax @ 6:30pm
  • Wednesday in Jeffersonville @ 6:30pm and in Fairfax @ 6:30 (but that may change, waiting to hear from school)
  • Saturday the BFA Fairfax school is closed for access due to the holiday weekend. (Remember, Saturday classes in Jeffersonville are done for now).
Also, don’t forget the Westford Turkey Trot. It’s a great race (for kids too) with lots of prizes! http://westfordturkeytrot.wordpress.com/

Challenge News

Well, what more than likely was the last Challenge has ended, but a new tribe has been formed! This dedicated group, just like the others before, is armed with more knowledge than the average person. More energy, better digestion, less inflammation, better sleep, confident cooks, better food prep, more vigorous movement outside of boot camp.

How to help each other stay focused and informed is what we need to do for yourself and the others. Let’s stay connected via email, Facebook and periodic meet-ups. Perhaps there’s a great idea out there to help people become more accountable. Sometimes it’s paying money as part of a commitment, sometimes it’s a bet between friends/family, sometimes it’s being a mentor, sometimes it’s a goal (reunion, race, etc.), sometimes it’s health-related. Let’s work together since the energy between all of us is much stronger than one of us!

Lamoille Obstacle Race

Love this photo! Love these people! There were actually 30 of you Boot Camp with L.S.D. maniacs there today!!! So strong. Thanks for coming out for Make-A-Wish Vermont.

For the race results, go to racesplitter.com, select the Lamoille Obstacle Race and then select “SPLIT 1” for a complete list of results.

Obstacle Videos

My daughter Annalise zipped together from yesterday’s race: http://youtu.be/mH4v-e1-xlA

This one I pieced together from the first heat with all of you Boot Camp with L.S.D. crazies! (scroll down on the page after you click on this link: http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/course.html)

First and Last Half Marathon 😉

Well, we say that now. That Lisa Schukei talked me into doing a half marathon last weekend in Shelburne. We did it though with not much training. We were fortunate enough to have our resident expert alongside (Sharon King). Her helpful hints are invaluable! But when she said you can kick it in gear the last three miles, that didn’t happen for me. In fact my body kicked it down a few gears, but I ran/walk to the finish line and befriended a first-timer too. Lisa Schukei is a solid runner and held a steady pace the entire way and finished strong–I’m so proud of her! Sharon, well she’s Sharon, and maintained a mind-blowing pace. We stuffed ourselves with nacho chips from Moe’s grill, then hobbled to Old Navy and Starbucks before coming home to a warm shower and a relaxing night.

Like Megan said the other night at the Challenge, we are who we are through each other.



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