ALERT: Canceled Class Tonight

I received word that due to the Cambridge Elementary open house tonight, there will not be space for us to hold boot camp. It’s unfortunately canceled. I’m really bummed since I was planning to teach tonight and I was ready torture everyone

Please pass this on to your friends. I’m afraid not everyone will receive this notice. I’m also posting it on Facebook and on the blog.

See you Thursday in Fairfax at 6:30pm and Saturday at the Cambridge Elem or BFA Fairfax school at 8am.

Here’s an at-home workout!
Squats, Rear-Lunges, Push-Ups

Standard: 5 Rounds of: 100 squats, 20 rear-lunges (each leg), 35 push-ups

Modified: 5 Rounds of: 50 squats, 10 rear-lunges (each leg), 20 push-ups

Squats: Weight is in heels, squat just below a 90 degree bend in your knees (remember, weight is in heels)

Rear-Lunging: Step back to where your front leg bends at 90 degrees and your front knee is above your ankle, not beyond it. The knee of your back leg must touch the ground (don’t rest your knee or bang it, gently touch the ground, maintain control). You can alternate legs or do one set of reps on one leg, then move to the other.

Push-ups: Either full plank or modified on your knees, keep your butt flat, your back flat, then come down to a 90 degree bend in your elbows. Have someone watch you to make sure you come to that 90 degree bend


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