Week of September 15, 2013

Saturday  Class

Adding a temporary boot camp class in Jeffersonville at the Cambridge Elementary school on Saturday mornings at 8am (9/21 – 11/16). We’ll be inside the gym. Spread the word! Wednesday’s @6:30pm in Jeff will remain year-round.

Change in Weather

Starting with this Saturday, 9/21 the boot camp classes will start indoors. Yes, that means we will be pulling out the jump ropes. Grab yours too! Not a jump roping person? Don’t worry, we have modifications for our madness 🙂

50 Day Challenge has Started!

We are extremely excited to have everyone on board for an incredible nutrition and fitness program that is designed to give the Challengers the tools to create the life you want!

This program will run from September 16 – November 4.  What a great time and an even better way, to get ready for the holiday season and the best New Year yet!

Lovely dinner with boot campers! Great time, good stories, deep laughter!

Being healthy and fit is for life!  It’s not short-term, it’s not long-term, it’s LIFE-TERM . . . that’s making the decision to learn how to live healthier for yourself and your family. This LIFE-TERM decision is the same messaging you’ve instilled in your children.  You tell your child to make good choices, work hard, don’t give up, and set goals. You help them celebrate their successes, learn from their mistakes, navigate external influences, push them to try harder, and understand how their body is changing. You want them to engage in healthy relationships and healthy habits. Our goal is to have a happy, healthy child. There shouldn’t be much difference in what you want you want for yourself and for your child.  Raising a happy, healthy child is life long process, just as our goals for ourselves. http://100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com/

Welcome Callie!

It’s refreshing to see young faces interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Callie is taking it a step further. She’s devoting her graduate studies to nutrition . . . she has also devoted her time to become a Personal Trainer. Her ambition is to truly have a positive effect on all of us. The announcement is that she’ll be an apprentice by working alongside Megan Walsh during the 50 Day Challenge. She will also be teaching Saturday morning boot camp classes in Jeffersonville during the Challenge and being a substitute boot camp instructor. Here’s what she has to say . . .

Hi everyone, my name is Callie Chapman.  I am an energetic 22 year old who is very passionate about living a strong and healthy life.  I have been apart of L.S.D Boot camp for close to a year now and have been an athlete all my life.  I enjoy running, hiking, cross country skiing, obstacle courses, really pushing myself and anything that gets me outside!
I graduated from Clarkson University in May of 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and worked for a year in the engineering world.  I began to feel like I was in a bit of a rut, both physically and emotionally.  I was finding out that engineering world wasn’t for me and felt a bit lost since I had just spent 4 years of college life believing it was.  What was lacking the most from my life was a true passion in what I was doing.  I wanted more than just a job, I wanted a career that aligned with my personal interests and wanted to do something that I found truly rewarding.  
I really got the ball rolling when I decided to start making some positive life changes, starting with what was most important to me; personal health and happiness.  I embarked on the 50 day challenge through L.S.D boot camp last January and really got my ball rolling.  After working along side such a wonderful group of women and having the support from both Lisa and Megan it became clear to me what I was searching for.  A year later, I am happy and healthy and proud to say that I am pursuing my master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Vermont, have been working towards the completion of my personal trainer certification from AFAA and finally feel that I’ve found the passion that I was lacking.  I plan to make my future career and assist others in the world of clean eating and personal fitness.  
I look forward to meeting and working with you all!  Let’s do this together, commit to the grit!
– Callie

One response to “Week of September 15, 2013

  1. Karen Gissendanner Cote

    This is a great write up, Callie! I am so glad to read about how you came to be where you are. We are lucky to have you on board.

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