Week of August 12, 2013

Boot Camp Schedule

See you at our usual days and times. Fairfax: Monday and Thursday @6:30pm, Saturday at 8am. Jeffersonville on Wednesday at 6:30pm. Remember under 18 are FREE and First Responders are FREE.

Mud Racers

Congratulations to all of the boot campers who competed in the Spartan and Tough Mudder over this weekend. Another boot camper Ann C. also competed. I’ll ask her for a picture.

Back to School-Time to Get Organized

Busy schedules will heat up again. Make sure you still make time for yourself. Too many Moms and Dads say they don’t have to get/stay in shape due to their children’s schedules. However, it’s us, the parents, not the kids who are in control of what you can do for yourself, of the food choices that are made, etc.

One way to take the pressure off and fuel everyone’s body with good food choices is to embrace the crock pot–put it on your counter and use it A LOT!

The following 3 sites are amazing!!!




Food Labels

From Consumer Reports, “Organic. Fresh. Natural. They all sound healthful enough, but when it comes to claims on food labels, you practically need a glossary to keep track of what means what (and what means nothing). Here’s a guide to a few of the best and worst food labels now in rotation.”



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