Week of August 4

Boot Camp Schedule

Just a reminder that classes in Jeffersonville are scheduled to be held year-round (not just for the summer). When the weather turns too cold and we run out of daylight, we’ll move into the Cambridge Elementary school.

There’s a request for another boot camp class in the Lamoille County area. We are looking into it and truly appreciate your interest and more importantly, we LOVE everyone’s enthusiasm and hunger for fun movement!! Thank you Lisa Schukei for leading the enthusiasm!!

Summer Special ended on Saturday, August 3. Thank you to those who signed on for the summer special and attended the 5:45am classes. A big thank you to Paula Coli who’s taught most of those classes. I know she absolutely loved that early morning class and will certainly miss it (hee hee 🙂

50 Day Challenge

Yes, this popular lifestyle Challenge is happening again. It will start in September, however the official dates will be released soon. What is the Challenge? Go to: http://100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com/program-details/

Bring a Buddy to Boot Camp Winners

Congratulations to Lisa Legge and Tamra Blaisdell. Their names were randomly pulled for the June and July drawing. Each time you bring a new person (over 18) to boot camp, you’re name is added to the monthly drawing. Hey girls, come to boot camp to claim your prizes!

Egg Run

Congratulations to all of the boot campers who participated in this year’s Egg Run in Fairfax. From what I know the following people participated: Cat, Anne, Sharon, Maria, Kevin, Lisa, Kathy, Kris, Jacki . . . anyone else? Also a shout out to Cat and Anne for doing boot camp in the morning before the race. Cat went on to run a 10k and Anne a 5k . . . this was after a grueling leg workout!

Events to Look Forward To

We are completely motivated by goals that are meaningful, by goals where there’s a pact between friends, by goals where a challenge is involved. Everyone at Boot Camp is encouraged and supported to set and share goals. Here are some great events for you and your friends to shoot for.

Latest Special from the Farm Store

Thank you Jennifer Bishop, owner of The Farm Store, for providing Boot Campers with specials on local products.

This week’s specials are $1.00 off the juice bag combos and $2.00 off side or salad combo bags. This special is good for 8/5 – 8/10.

Juicing needs to occur in moderation, or you’ll be consuming too many calories, too much sugar and not enough fiber. Also, remember to add veggies!!!

Make Your Own Salad Dressing–Ditch the Store Bought!

Wow, great recipes listed in this link . . . stay away from the store bought . . . Balsamic vinaigretteHidden Ranch–no more!! Go here: http://paleodietlifestyle.com/salad-dressing-and-vinaigrettes/


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