Week of June 30

Boot Camp Schedule

Thursday, July 4th there is class at 7:30am in Fairfax. Many of you asked if we can still hold class. So the good news is you can get in an independence day workout.

  • Don’t forget that 5:45 am class on Wednesday continues throughout July.
  • It’s not too late to take advantage of the Summer Special
  • Check out Wednesday nights in Jeffersonville at Cambridge Elem @ 6:30pm

Photo: No we didn't do this...but we did do another kille-so-out- -of-breath-can't-complain, -sweat-running-in-my-eyes workout

Posted on my Facebook Page by a friend who LOVES Burpees!

Stress–Please Read Link Too

“No matter what diet you follow, how much you exercise and what supplements you take, if you’re not managing your stress you will still be at risk for modern degenerative conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and autoimmunity.

I see this every day in my practice. I have a lot of patients that are following a “perfect” diet, and yet they are still sick. Stress is often the cause. (I’ll define stress more clearly in a moment.) Yet as pervasive as stress is, many people don’t do anything to mitigate its harmful effects. The truth is it’s a lot easier to make dietary changes and pop some pills (whether drugs or supplements) than it is to manage our stress. Stress management bumps us up against core patterns of belief and behavior that are difficult to change.

While I feel your pain, and still struggle with stress management myself, I’ve got to lay down some tough love here. If you’re not doing some form of regular stress management, you will sabotage all of your best efforts with diet, exercise and supplements. Stress management is absolutely crucial to optimal health and longevity. If most health conscious people spent even half the amount of time they spend focusing on nutrition and exercise on managing their stress, they’d be a lot better off.

Read how this source gives you some great ideas: http://chriskresser.com/beyond-paleo-7?inf_contact_key=955ff9588b91262b6ad1bd64b995b067067151fe3ae31149786d9db99931c2af

Don’t Drink Your Calories

What does that mean? Stay away from sugary drinks. They pack on the pounds like you’d never believe. You’re about to believe it though because you’re about to learn exactly how much sugar it takes to gain a pound and how much sugar is in your favorite drinks, which is contributing to weight gain.
3500 calories = 1 pound of fat
1 gram of sugar = 4 calories
875 grams of sugar = 1 pound of fatIf we take this information and look at our favorite sugary drinks it’s astounding how easily it is to consume empty calories.

Consider This…
A can of Coca Cola has 39 grams of sugar. While each gram of sugar equals 4 calories, the nutrition label on the can says it has 140 calories (they might use low calorie sugar). If you drink one can of Coke per day for a month, you would consume 4,200 empty calories and gain more than a pound of fat.

Now, if you drink two cans of Coke everyday for a month, you’d double that number to 8,400 calories and you would gain almost 2.5 pounds in two months time.

If you kept up the two cans of Coke everyday for a year, you’d consume 50,400 empty calories in a year and gain up to 14.5 pounds.

That’s just drinking a can of Coca Cola, which is 12 ounces. If you drink a bottle, which is 20 ounces, you’re looking at 65 grams of sugar and 240 calories for each bottle. If you drink one of those bottles each day for a month, you’re looking at 7,200 calories in a month and up to an extra 2 pounds of fat.

Then there’s Mountain Dew, which is notorious for having more sugar than other sodas. It has 77 grams of sugar and 290 calories in a 20-ounce bottle. Eleven bottles of Mountain Dew correlates to about one pound of pure, sugar-based fat.

Energy Drinks, Teas and Juices
If you think energy drinks are better for you than soda, think again. Rockstar has a whopping 62 grams of sugar in each 16 ounce can with 248 calories to boot. Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar in only 8.3 ounces with 108 calories.

Don’t be fooled with Vitamin Water either. The B-Relaxed Jackfruit and Guava Flavor variety has 13 grams of sugar with 50 calories in 8 ounces. The 20-ounce bottle has 33 grams with 125 calories.

Sobe Mango Melon has 29 grams with 120 calories in 8 ounces and 70 grams of sugar with 280 calories in 20 ounces. Yes, that’s more than soda! So let’s take a minute for this one. With Sobe, many people think they are doing something good for themselves by drinking juice. However, if you were to drink one of these every day for a month, you would consume 8,400 empty calories!  Just 13 bottles of Sobe equals one pound of pure fat.

Are you a fan of McDonald’s Sweet Tea? Lots of people opt for it instead of the soda because they think it’s the healthier choice. It’s not. Mickey D’s Sweet Tea has 69 grams of sugar and 280 calories in every large cup. In 13 trips to the Golden Arches you could potentially gain up to a pound of fat just from the drinks alone.

Taking the amount of calories from a sugary drink and multiplying it by the number of days you drink it gives you the amount of calories you’ll consume. Dividing those calories by 3,500 gives you the number of pounds you can expect to gain from them.

Source: http://www.evitamins.com/a/the-dangers-of-drinking-empty-calories-165


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