Weeks of June 2-11, 2013

Summer Schedule, Early Morning Boot Camp & Classes in Cambridge

***SUMMER: Come to Early Morning Boot Camp***

2013 Summer Special for $100.00

Includes both evening & morning classes. That’s 21 classes for just under $5.00 per class, an absolutely CRAZY deal! Runs June 17 – August 2.

Former 100 Day Challenger? Take an additional 10% OFF the Summer Special!!

This year, you’ll receive a punch card with 21 available punches to be used between June 17 – August 2. Valid for all locations!!

August 5 starts the regular season.

Early Morning Class this Summer! Starts June 19.
5:45 am – 6:45 am
BFA-Fairfax School
This classes run June 19 – July 31

Come to Cambridge for Classes on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for 1 hour

Meet behind Cambridge Elementary school; classes are year-round; Cost: $7.00 per class

(under 18 years FREE; First Responders are FREE)


Shirts are Ordered

“Death by Burpees” is on hold for now. Empowerment shirts were ordered for the “Empowerment Run” for Women Helping Battered Women; however, the message on the shirt is so powerful, it applies to every life situation. Attached is an image of the tshirt.

Thank you for your orders. I’ll have the shirts June 14.

Not too late to join our Empowerment team? Go to this site, click  register, you can then join the “Boot Camp with LSD” team. https://www.firstgiving.com/22338/runforempowerment/teams

Raise a minimum of $35.00!

There’s 16 on our team so far!!! How exciting is that!

**Here’s the team fundraising page: https://www.firstgiving.com:443/fundraiser/lisa-durocher/runforempowerment

Bring a Friend to Boot Camp–Winner!!

Thank-you everyone for making working out w/ LSD & Co. so much FUN! Continue to bring or drag new people into Boot Camp class to increase your chances of winning something special in our monthly drawing. Every time you bring someone new, your name will go in the drawing! We started off the drawing by  giving everyone a chance to win–there were 80 names in the box!

The May winner is . . . . Jen Ormerod. . . Congratulations, see you at boot camp to receive your lovely gifts :-)


Here’s a link to more recipes (salads, snacks, breakfast, etc.): http://www.elanaspantry.com/paleo-diet-recipes/

Avocado Kale Salad

1 bunch of fresh kale, washed and ripped into small pieces
1 1/2 avocados, pitted
1/2 yellow onion
1/2 lime
garlic salt
1 tomato, cut into small pieces
1/2 cup shredded carrots

Place avocado, onion, lime and salts in food processor. Process until smooth, creamy dressing forms.
In a large bowl, place kale, tomatoes and carrots.
Pour avocado dressing over salad, mix with spoon until everything is coated!

Asparagus Basil Salad
1 lb asparagus, trimmed and halved
1 cup grape tomatoes, halvedasparagus basil salad
1 ripe avocado, cut into cubes
1 cup sliced basil leaves
¼ cup olive oil
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons dijon mustard
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
½ teaspoon pepper

  1. Steam asparagus for 5-7 minutes until fork tender
  2. Place asparagus, tomatoes, avocado and basil in a large bowl
  3. Stir in olive oil, lemon juice and mustard
  4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  5. Serve

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