May 5, 2013

Boot Camp Schedule

What a beautiful week! I hope you all had a chance to get out and move, whether it’s raking, gardening, shoveling, running, pushing, pulling, climbing, biking, swimming . . . don’t forget to bring your kids with you. I know I have to drag my kids along, but yesterday we played a spirited game of dodge ball with the large exercise ball. They wanted me to the to throw it at them . . . that was a great workout for sure. Then today, we’re making a home made slip ‘n slide from a 25 foot tarp.

Don’t forget that boot camp classes are year round in Fairfax. Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 8am. We always meet at the gazebo next to the playground at BFA-Fairfax school. If it’s thundering and lightening, we’ll move inside the school.

The fun run/walks won’t be held every Sunday anymore due to nice weather and people having crazy schedules this time of year. However, if you’re up to it, some times after boot camp, we’ll go on a 30 minute run. You’re already warmed up, so why not squeeze in a run.

Our natural playground

Dana’s favorite move . . . she always asks for it!

Loved all the family connections at Boot Camp last night! – Diana & Matt, Jen & Sergio (on playground duty with the kids so Jen could work out- awww!) Mitch, Dana & Phillip, Maria & Colby, Robin & Callie, me & Rob -did I miss anyone? And on top of that there were Challenger graduates, exercise nuts and an all around awesome bunch of folks!

Playground fun at boot camp, along with OH presses, burpees galore, leg shredder and of course hill runs

100 Day Challenge

Another Challenge has unleashed a group of people who are armed with great information. Ask them questions about food choices, good fat, insulin,

hormones, proper movement, kid and

family friendly recipes, tips on how to prepare your food for the week and much, much more. Congratulations everyone! COMMIT THE GRIT!

Check out the yummy food from our celebration dinner. The next Challenge is scheduled for the fall and will be 50 Days.

Chocolate mousse (paleo recipe) was added to the fruit . . . delicious!!

Here’s a link to the mousse recipe:

Upcoming Events

Please see previous posts for information on the 5.11 run this Saturday in Fairfax. There are many of you planning on competing in mud races, road races and trail runs. Share the events, post your results!

Take the Time to Read This . . .

Please, no more low-fat diets! This article link was posted on the 100 Day Challenge Facebook page by our Rootswise Wellness guru, Megan Walsh.

If you’ve been through the 100 Day Challenge, you’ll be quite familiar with this article. Those of you who haven’t been through the Challenge, take a moment to read this to learn that:

  • There is no actual need for foods like grains in the diet. We can get all the nutrients from other foods in greater amounts.
  • Eating saturated fats or cholesterol is not harmful in any way. This is a myth that has been proven to be completely false.
  • Studies showing health benefits of low-carb have gone for as long as 2 years. Populations that have eaten low-carb, high-fat diets for long periods of time are in excellent health.
  • In the first week of low-carb eating, a lot of excess water is shed from the body. After that, the weight is coming from body fat stores.
  • The body can produce all the glucose it needs from proteins and fats if it isn’t getting any from the diet.
  • Low-carb diets actually improve all biomarkers of health much more than the low-fat diet still peddled by the mainstream.




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