Week of April 21, 2013

Certainly, this past week has been emotional for all us. From the bombing at the Boston Marathon, the tragedy in West, Texas to ricin letters, and gun control. However, as you know, there’s many more good, positive, enlightening stories around us. “I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.” Anne Frank

That beauty is all around us . . . love, laughter, peace, friendship, blue skies, good health, selflessness . . . our community. Our community is strong! Our community is supportive! Our community is full of good people!!

Speaking of community, many of you (including myself) participated some way in running events for Boston. It was an active weekend for sure. Speaking of active, last week’s classes were fun, hard and outside (well mostly outside).

Looking forward to being outside all this week: Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 8:00am. Location is at the BFA-Faifax school. When we’re outside, we meet at the gazebo next to the playground.

Events Are Coming Up

1. Renegade Playground Challenge. Who’s going? We stayed in the condos last year and some drove down that morning. Great time! Here’s the link: http://www.renegadeplayground.com/2012/12/latest-events2/

2. 100 Day Challenge is ending this week. The 100th Day celebration will take place this coming Sunday at 6pm. They’ve been on quite a journey and have much to share with you, their family, friends and coworkers. Ask them questions . . . they’re armed and dangerous!

3. See last week’s post about the upcoming races (April 27 and May 11).

Eating Good Food: Yes! It’s Affordable

I know you hear people saying, it costs too much to eat healthy. Really? Instead of making it at home and saving money, some would you rather purchase processed packaged/frozen food? So, walk by the Toaster Strudels and other junk that you may regularly buy and save money at home. Here’s the evidence that it’s cheaper to do it yourself. Continue to avoid the inner aisles (except for baking needs) and pass this on . . . it’s literally “worth” it to prepare at home:

Granola bars $0.48 each for homemade  | $0.69 each for Kashi brand Who doesn’t love a crunchy, chewy grab-and-go snack? But there’s no need to shell out big bucks or entrust our health to unpronounceable ingredients. Oats, nuts, berries, and honey star in this recipe and significantly cut back on costs. Also check out Greatist’s Fruit and Nut Bar recipe.Photo: 1/2 of the posse on the hill, other 1/2 doing burpee sprints, that's after a football field of traveling broad jumps 2x...the wind was wicked

Pancakes $0.13 per pancake homemade (No Bisquick–toss it!) | $0.29 per pancake Eggo brand Put down that Bisquick. Whipping up pancakes at home is an opportunity to add in whole wheat flour and raisins for fiber and a little sweetness without sugar overload. Plus, the added fiber helps us feel full and improve digestion. (Make a large batch, the toss them in the freezer).

Salad dressing $0.52 per 2 tablespoons homemade | $0.64 per 2 tablespoons Maple Grove Farms brand This one’s a Greatist favorite: toss some olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a nearly empty mustard jar and shake. It’ll get out those last drops of flavor from the mustard and serve as a simple storage container for the dressing. Not to mention it’s C-H-E-A-P. Or try one of these easy recipes for some variety.

Flavored water $0.37 per liter homemade | $0.99 per liter Poland Springs brand To create flavor-infused water, simply put water in a pitcher and add slices of lemon, lime, orange, mint or other sliced fruits. Let it sit for an hour or as long as you’ve got, then strain off the fruit for a debris-free drink.

There’s more examples at: http://greatist.com/health/45-healthy-foods-make-and-never-buy-again

Great Simple Recipes to Make-Ahead (Freeze)

“National Healthy Kids Day focuses on improving our kids’ health.  There are nationalhealthykidsdaymany ways to do this, and it looks different for each family.  To one family, improving their child’s health will be incorporating more fruits and vegetables in his diet. And to another family it might be decreasing the fast food and preparing more meals at home.  Whatever it is for your family, we want to support you in your endeavor, so we have compiled some of our kid-friendly recipes into this post so you can easily find them. Let’s make improving our kids’ health a long term goal, and not just a thought for this one day.”



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