Returning to 6:30 Start Time!

Essex Spring Session Starts & Fairfax Evening Classes Returns to 6:30pm

ESSEX & FAIRFAX: Now since we’ll have more light and the weather is cooperating, come prepared to warm-up outdoors, then be ready to shed your layers when you come inside.

ESSEX on Tuesday night at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 7am. To register for the Essex Sessions, go to:

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Chelsea’s Baby Pics

She sent me these of Brynn, so everyone can enjoy them. Isn’t she PRECIOUS!!!

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 Boot Camp Classes

Pistol Squats

Monday in Fairfax was an intense competition between four teams. Each team had two minutes to perform as many reps as possible. There were six different moves. The team captains were in charge of giving directions and counting reps. In the end, Team Jim came out on top! They were rewarded with push-ups!! Lots of soreness was reported the next few days.

Fairfax-Thursday: “March Madness is in full swing and it shows…so many of you came out to work-hard and kick that couped up winter feeling!  Along with the regular crew, there were new and old faces in the crowd.  We met first-timer Amber, a friend of Callie’s and we welcomed back Kelli, who just completed training and running her first marathon- congrats Kelli!. After a brief warm-up we dove right into a challenging pace-maker work-out. Boy did you guys SWEAT.   We finished up with a relay race (can’t wait to do those outdoors again) and you guys booked it – Cris even bounced off the wall Spide-y style with his feet!  We finished up with the March Ab Challenge and groans were aplenty. Thank you for the birthday serenade guys- that was sweet and it’s making me smile again as I type.  Hope you got outdoors this weekend- it was gorgeous!” –Lisa S.

Essex-Saturday AM: “We’ve had some small groups but these ladies are working hard and seeing results. Danielle told me how she went out to run and found it was
easier due to greater strength all around. Yay! I love to hear result
stories. They are eager to start going outside so we’ll start adding
some outdoor work into our Sat. mornings.” –Kris G.

Fairfax-Saturday AM: “It was BEAUTIFUL Sunny Saturday morning in Fairfax…..Who would have
know that there was such a storm going on, inside!! We all warmed up
with a few new moves…. leg swings, squats with leg up toe touches,
knee to elbow touches and invisible log jumps. We moved quickly into
“climbing the burpee ladder”….Performing 5 burpees, 50 jacks or
jumps….6 burpees, 50 jacks or jumps….7 burpees, 50 jacks or jumps,
on and on for 15 mins. non stop! We tried something new… officially
called the “Brutal Hit Ladder Workout”…. I never told the group that’s
what they called, what it is they were doing…Figured they’d start
moaning and groaning before they even started! It was awesome! We’ll
have to do that again!! We performed 60 sec.of each exercise flutter
kick squats, (a great new move for us), high knees, burpees or mtn.
climbers, and last j. jacks. Rest for 20 seconds and the second round
was 50 sec. of each of the four exercises. Then 40 sec, 30 sec. and
finally 20 sec.! Finished up class with Sharron leading us through the 8
min. AB March challenge. Crystal it was nice to have you back in class!
Just to make everyone aware that we will be starting Saturday morning
class promptly at 8:00am and out of the room by 9:00am sharp. Zumba
class starts at 9:00am and I don’t want to hold them up… You all did
an AWESOME job today!”  –Paula C.

Winner of Monthly Boot Camp Drawing is . . . .

Art W.!!! Congratulations, Paula drew your name. You will receive your prize this week!

Everytime you bring (er, drag) an adult boot camper, your chances increase. Didn’t win? Don’t worry. All chances are carried forward month-to-month.

Upcoming Local Run & More Adventure Style Events

Local: Fairfax Sap Run on Saturday, March 30:–156210&ltcmp=194590&ltclickid=03_40482844_d2f9512b-b50f-44e4-9255-055f4ff9b645&cmp=39-28

Hero Rush on May 18 in Balston Spa, NY. Not too far!!

Mountain Mucker, June 1 in NH:

Renegade Playground, June 8 at Stratton, VT:

Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in August:

Spartan Races. The Beast in Killington on Sept. 21, and Sprints in August & November in MA.

Zombie Race in Essex on Sept. 28:

Shale Hill in Benson, VT. All types of races.

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