Mad Abs in March . . . Plus Sunday Winter Wipeout Workout

The March Madness Challenge is about 8 minutes of ABSolute fun! See the word ABS in absolute? Yes, it’s all about your core.

Challenge yourself to do these medley of moves each day in March and hopefully your form will be perfect by the end of the month . . .abmoves

Perform these moves for 1 min each, then finish with 25 push-ups: 1. Leg levers, 2. Flutter kicks, 3. Reverse crunch, 4. Scissor cross, 5. Elbow to opposite knee, 6. Elbow to opposite knee, 7. Ab mat sit-ups, then 25 push-ups. That’s all folks!!

See attached image for moves. For leg levers, they’re also called leg raises…place your hands at your lower back, like attached pic, then raise and lower straight legs…keep head off ground to push lower back to ground, feet don’t rest on ground …. Have fun!

Don’t forget that there’s two Saturday classes:
1. 7am in Essex at the Aspire Studio . . . Kris Gleason is leading!!
2. 8am in Fairfax at the BFA Fairfax School

Plus, there’s a bonus class this Sunday at the BFA Fairfax school at 2pm. It’s the sheer madness of March that wants me to hold a FREE class outside. A Winter Wipeout Workout! Come ready to play outside. BYOS (bring your own sled, if you have one…but don’t worry if you don’t).

One response to “Mad Abs in March . . . Plus Sunday Winter Wipeout Workout

  1. EXCELLANT! I hope to see you Sunday 🙂

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