Week of 2/24/13

Class Schedule

Instead of me writing the schedule for the next three weeks. It’s easier to lay it out in a calendar format.

Click on Calendar to Enlarge


Click on Calendar to Enlarge

Jensen . . . As of last Thursday, no baby

However, she sent me this email and wanted to ensure you all received her family’s thank you.

Dear Boot Camp Family: Thank you so much for the Bucket of Boot Camp Baby Love! It was so generous of you to think of us and this new baby (still not arrived yet!). It was especially thoughtful of you to think of my two older kids, Magnus and Josie, they absolutely love their new blankets and are enjoying their new toys. Boot camp has my body baby ready, I just need to convince the baby that it's time to come out! Thanks again, and hope to have exciting news soon! Jensen

Tuesday Night in Essex at FleetFeet for a Special Boot Camp

Tuesday: “Boot Camp at Fleet Feet- aka ‘Sweat Shop’!  A big shout out to Tim and Kris for allowing us to use the store for our class.  Everyone who came to class received a $10 Fleet Feet coupon – love those freebies! Not knowing exactly how the space would work we did a ‘stay in your spot’ warm up and work out.  It worked out great and the EMOTM work-out was fierce – Kiri even said she didn’t like me anymore! Allison just completed session 2 and reported how much stronger she has become – go Allison!  It was great to see Michelle and Lindsay – they looked like the dynamic duo as they rocked thru the work-out. And my Westford buddies – I love you guys!
And now a word from our sponsor:  All winter gear at Fleet Feet is 50% off – there are some really good deals there.  The new spring line should be arriving any day now. Spend your coupons wisely!
Session 3 – Tuesday night Essex Boot Camp resumes on Mar 12.” — Lisa S.

Thank you FleetFeet for allowing to use your store for a special boot camp!!

FleetFeet moved the racks and Lisa S. dished it out!

Saturday at 7am in Essex at Aspire Studio

“We had a great class today in Essex. Small but very hard working. We did the 100-80-60-40-20 workout. I renamed it the “Hang in There” workout. We ended with a new core routine I saw on Face Book. 6 core exercises done for a minute each with 15 seconds rest between them. We then ended with 30 push ups. I think they found it challenging. I heard a lot of “things” coming out of their mouths. Fun stuff! Can’t wait to do it again.”  — Kris G.


My goodness, we pushed, pulled, dragged, rolled, jumped, slid, ran, dipped, crawled, lunged, complained, smiled, laughed, tooted, yelled, grunted and then we all clapped at the end and said thanks for the class. What’s wrong with us 🙂 Absolutely nothing . . . Thanks for coming night after night, morning after morning! I also want to thank some amazing women who have as much fun teaching as I do . . . Lisa Schukei, Paula Coli and Kris Gleason! It takes a lot of courage, energy and confidence. Thank you!

Photo: Ow! Don't forget boot camp is at Fleet Feet Sports EJVT tomorrow at 7pm, not 6:30pm. This is a special night...

Bruise from Winter Race at Norwich. Can you tell who’s leg it is?

Brian Bill Memorial Winter Obstacle Run

Megan Walsh, the race co-coordinator and my wonderful business partner in the 100 Day Challenge said, “Wow what an amazing time at the Brian Bill Memorial Challenge yesterday! Skye and I were honored to be apart of putting on such a great event! Skye led the charge in the coordination of the course and pulled off a killer race! He made sure the course was smooth, safe, challenging and exciting as always! I handled all the registration and awards and met some awesome people!

Mocean365 Adventures Team Member Billy Roy Spence took home the 5th place award for Solo Males and Lisa Durocher‘s awesome crew took home 3rd place for overall teams!”

100 Day Challengers

Fun/hard/ab workout . . . Do This at Home

Kris Gleason found this and is using it in her Essex classes. We just did something similar this past Saturday. Everyone of you can do this medley each day. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff84gG3bgVI

Looking for Unique Races?

Mountain Mucker, June 1 in NH: http://themountainmucker.com/

Renegade Playground, June 8 at Stratton, VT: http://www.renegadeplayground.com/2012/12/latest-events2/

Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in August: http://toughmudder.com/events/new-england-2013/

Spartan Races. The Beast in Killington on Sept. 21, and Sprints in August & November in MA. http://www.spartanrace.com/spartan-obstacle-racing-events.php

Zombie Race in Essex on Sept. 28: http://zombierun.com/sample-page/zombie-run-vermont-2013/

Shale Hill in Benson, VT. All types of races. http://www.shalehilladventure.com/events/


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