Week of January 13, 2013

2013 Off to an Exciting Start

Proud of my Brother


MY BROTHER WON THIS ENTIRE EVENT!! He’s the master’s champion of what is considered the biggest CrossFit event, next to the CrossFit Games. Congratulations Jason Friedman, love you! Watched the live

stream…it was exciting indeed! http://wodscores.com/2013_OC_Throwdown/index.php?category=Men+Masters&ncc=0

Boot Camp Baby Shower


“Tuesday Night Boot camp is back and better than ever! We’re temporarily located at the Maple St. Park in the multi-purpose room and we all agreed we like it better than the ADL cafeteria space. We did the Pace Maker work-out but changed up the moves so our gung-ho Amber and Betty wouldn’t be bored – they did the Fairfax class the night before. We worked really hard and we all got the opportunity to be pace-maker- whew! We followed this with some ab moves using medicine balls and they were a killer – we’ll do them again soon as we all felt them the next day! Laura hit her push-up challenge target for the day (yay!) and Donna eased her way back into the work-out routine, sooooooo good to have DSCN2083 DSCN2078her back. To celebrate an excellent work-out our wild & crazy Amber and Laura went out to Trivia night at On-Tap while Donna, Betty and I went home to a hot toddy and a dish of prunes…hee, hee! Happy New Year Essex Boot Camp!!!”–Lisa S.

“We had a great turnout today for our new Winter session of Saturday 7am boot camp at Aspire. We had 7 in all with 5 of them being new. We did the “Time Keeper” workout. This was different stations with one of them being a push up, burpee, or leg climb station. The time keeper did 25 repetitions of those exercises and then yelled switch and the next person becomes the time keeper. We had a lot of fun. We learned ways to push harder and also modify all the exercises.

Our warm up included a 6 minute plank which no one thought they could do. They all did it! What a great group we had.” –Kris G.


“Mon.1/7th was a great class with 21 in attendance. Everyone gave it their all with the Pace maker workout. We welcomed Courtney and Jamie into the group, glad to have you join us! Thanks so much Jody Brouilette for spreading the word. I’m loosing count on how many times your names been added to the drawing! Remember February’s drawing is for a day on the slopes!” — Paula C.

Thursday was grueling, yet fun. We had team competitions. The group was split into five groups and placed at five different stations. One person on their team performed push-ups for 1 minute while their teammates performed the assigned movement. When the minute was over, another teammate went to the floor to perform push-ups for 1 minute. This continued until all members pushed! The goal was to accumulate as many push-ups as possible. We ended the competition with a burpee relay. Team Harry were the official winners! It was nice to welcome Kaitlyn, Amanda and Stacy.
“Sat.1/12th was a sweaty one! Everyone worked out hard moving through the stations. We did Burpees, Over head presses with chairs,Jump roping, Push ups,Tricep dips, Step-ups, Squats, Lunges…you name it… we did it…. and all before 9:00am!! It was great to see some familiar faces again. We missed you Lynn F., Lonnie P. and Jen M. We also welcomed three new people, Kelly, Miles and Rick You three never missed a beat! Thank-you Jody B.and Dan V. for getting new people into our class! It was a great group!” –Paula C.

Bring a Friend to Boot Camp–Winner!!

Thank-you everyone for making working out w/ LSD & Co. so much FUN! Continue to bring or drag new people into Boot Camp class to increase your chances of winning something special in our monthly drawing. Every time you bring someone new, your name will go in the drawing! We started off the drawing by  giving everyone a chance to win–there were 80 names in the box!

The December winner is . . . . Jensen Welch . . . Congratulations, you are a proud owner of a new jump rope (now your husband can practice at home 🙂

The prize for January is a lift ticket to Smuggler’s Notch! Jody B., your chances are pretty high!

50 or 100 Day Challenge (now with unlimited boot camp classes)

There’s been a great response for this program. There are only two spots left. So spread the word.100_day_challenge_flyer_2013

The 50 Day Challenge and the 100 Day Challenge are both a nutrition and fitness program with guaranteed results! There is nothing like this in your area! No shakes, no meal replacements . . . real food. No fancy fitness routines . . . real movement. Challenge yourself this fall to be the healthiest you, for you and your family.  Optimal health involves eating well and moving well! We are here to help!



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