Week of January 6, 2013

First, thank you for making last year a special one. It was a year of expansion; an opportunity to share with others what we love (and sometimes dread). We welcomed Lisa Schukei and Paula Coli to lead our crazy classes. Everyone was supportive of their new roles. It’s not an easy job and they’ve incredibly well (especially putting up with some of you 🙂

We know how important movement needs to be in our lives. It’s just as important to share that understanding and determination with others. Thank you for coming to boot camp, thank you for being a part of a truly unique community.

Week in Review & Schedule

We seriously jumped back into the swing of things. The Saturday class in Fairfax was what everyone wanted and needed. So now there are two Saturday choices: Essex Jct at 7am and Fairfax at 8am.

We welcomed Maggie’s friend Dottie and Diana’s boss, Robin. Speaking of Maggie, congratulations on her recent engagement! Well, Robin and Dottie received a heavy dose of boot camp with the “shred the leg” workout. Thursday was so amazing that people were still feeling how amazing it was on Saturday.

Also, congratulations to those of you participating in the January push-up Challenge. We have quite a few signed on. Whether you’re doing over 160 or 320 a day, it’s a dedication that is commended. Keep on pushing, keep on pushing . . .

Don’t forget that Tuesdays in Essex start back up this week, but at the Essex Jct. recreation department (on Maple Street). Start time is 6:30pm. Spread the word.

So what does the new schedule look like?

Monday: Fairfax at 7pm

Tuesday: Essex Jct. rec. dept (on Maple St.) at 6:30pm

Wednesday: no classes

Thursday: Fairfax at 7pm

Friday: no classes

Saturday (has 2 options): Essex Jct. (at Aspire Studio) at 7am and Fairfax at 8am

Sunday: no classes

New Instructor

I love this girl! Kris Gleason is coming on board as another instructor to expand the LSD & Co. crew. We first met at the Stratton Challenge last year. The minute I met her, I knew she was genuine, passionate and a crazy competitor! We stayed in touch ever since. Kris will be teaching primarily the Essex Jct. classes on Saturday mornings at 7am (at the Aspire studio). The next Essex Jct. Saturday class starts on January 12. Spread the word . . . she’s great! Welcome aboard Kris.

“I was never an athlete when I was younger. I started running and boot camps 4.5 years ago as I entered my mid 40s and my weight started to climb.  I realized if I didn’t make a change I would end up with issues that may need medications and I was not interested in that.kg_2012

I started with running and did a walk/jog plan with the help of my friend who is also my fitness mentor. I began boot camps a few months later and got hooked on them. I have run road races and obstacle races. My interest now lies in helping others like myself achieve fitness levels that they didn’t think they could achieve.”

Paleo Way in Eastern Europe?


3 Little Piggies go to Market

Fellow boot campers Celeste Gaspari and Art Wolff just returned from a holiday vacation to Prague and Budapest. Celeste said it, “Was a meat loving, heavy food, light on veggies and fruit vacation!” Their last vacation was in Iceland where Art was pictured doing his daily push-ups on the ice.

Boot Camp Baby Shower

Chelsea Metayer’s baby is due at the end of January. Today we held a boot camp baby shower for her. Her husband did a great job of keeping it a surprise until Paula’s driveway. He told her that they were going grocery shopping and then out to lunch. Lots of great food, drink, friends and baby gifts!

babyshower1 babyshower2 babyshower3 babyshower4

Unlimited Boot Camp Classes?

There’s Unlimited Boot Camp classes for the upcoming Challenge!

Now since we’ve expanded the number of boot camp classes offered each week, it just makes sense to offer unlimited boot camp classes for those who participate in this upcoming 50 or 100 100_day_challenge_flyer_2013Day Challenge.
Currently, there are three classes in Fairfax and two in Essex. If you do the math, there’s no reason NOT to join the Challenge.
Please let me know if you’re interested in signing up for the next Challenge, which starts January 21 (kick-off group meeting will be on Jan. 20).
Please share this with your friends and family.

Outdoor February 5k with Obstacles

Sunday, February 17, there’s a 5+ mile military obstacle course challenge to be held on Paine Mountain and Norwich University campus.

Celebrate Brian, a fallen U.S. Navy Seal and support a scholarship held in his name. Challenge yourself with 30 obstacles to negotiate in this very worthy and exciting event.

Brian R. Bill was born 23 AUG 1979 in Stanford, CT. He was an Eagle Scout and loved the outdoors. He graduated from Norwich University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation, Brian enlisted in the United States Navy. In 2003, he was designated as a SEAL. He achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer. His awards include three Bronze Stars with Valor, a fourth Bronze Star Medal with Valor awarded posthumously. Chief Petty Officer Brian Bill was killed in action on 6 AUG 2011 while assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) he deployed to Wardak Province located in eastern Afghanistan.




One response to “Week of January 6, 2013

  1. I am so psyched to see Kris Gleason coming on board as an instructor. She has pulled me through runs that I didn’t think I could finish. Good pick, Lisa! Welcome Kris!!

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