Holiday Post

‘Twas the Night before Xmas Fitness Style . . .

I found this online and loved it!!

Twas two months before Christmas and in the North Pole Santa gobbled down his ninth sausage roll.

The time had come for the first practice run of the year, The sleigh piled high; harnessed were his eight reindeer.

The sleigh was polished, shiny and red, And the reindeer were looking a little too well-fed.

Their bellies were rounder, their cheeks much more plump; They were fatter throughout, from their nose to their rump.

With great effort Santa climbed into his present-filled sleigh, He then realized how much more this year he did weigh.

Winded and weary, Santa quickly became; As he struggled to call each reindeer by name.

The reindeer did pant, their muscles did quiver, Their lungs did burn, but strength they could not deliver.

In the air they hovered; but then soon did fall; In the snow they did crash, presents and all.

Out of shape and overweight they realized they were, This Christmas could be difficult, Santa worried for sure.

The past year was spent fascinated with the computer and T.V., Santa and his reindeer didn’t get much physical activity.

Too many snack foods and couch time got in the way Of eating fresh veggies and walking 10,000 steps everyday.

“Enough is enough!” Santa did proclaim, He knew he only had himself to blame.

Christmas was coming, only two months away, Healthy living for all must be started today.

No more of Mrs. Claus’ baking or trans fat filled treats, Only whole grains, fruits and veggies, and healthy lean meats.

A training program would be followed most days of the week To help Santa and reindeer improve their physique.

Santa and reindeer trained together each day, A training a partner kept them from going astray.

No matter the weather- snow, sleet or fog, The started each day with a half hour jog.

Much sweat was shed, and many a tear, But Santa knew the children needed him this year.

Weight was soon lost, and muscles soon toned, Santa stayed focused, he would not let Christmas be postponed.

When Christmas Eve came; Santa leapt onto the sleigh, The reindeer were fit, with renewed energy to display.

“Ho Ho Ho!” Santa called as they soared across the sky, “Exercise and healthy living is worth it, just give it a try!”

Holiday Schedule & Changes in the New Year

Fairfax: Thursday, Dec. 27 at 7pm and Thursday, Jan. 3 at 7pm. Possibility of a New Years Eve workout. Stay tuned for details. Then we resume our regular schedule of Mondays and Thursdays in the BFA Fairfax school at 7pm.

Essex: Tuesday classes will now be at the Essex Junction Recreation Department’s building. The first Tuesday class of 2013 will be January 8 at 6:30pm. Saturday classes at Aspire resume on January 12 at 7am. You can register for an entire session, purchase a punch card or just drop in. Details can be found at: http://

Weeks in Review


“This past Tuesday night we enjoyed (is that the right word??) the Deck of Death work-out. After a brief warm-up Cristina, Laura, Kristen& I shuffled a deck of cards and lay them face down on the ground. We each took a turn flipping a card.  Whatever card number and suit came up , we did the the number of reps on the card with the associated movement. We worked throught the entire deck! Laura was super motivating and let me tell, that girl’s burpee form is fantastic.  Cristina did her first tricep dip and was very proud of herself, we were too! And Kristen was our peppy little jack-squatter. All-in-all it was a great work-out and a good way to end to our third session with EJRP.  Happy Holidays everyone, see you in 2013!–Lisa S., 11/18

Two Tuesday’s Ago: “Tis the season and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the Twelve Days of Christmas work-out is a whole lot of fun!  It mirrors the song and has twelve movements instead of twelve gifts.  Though I like to think of the moves as little gifts to our health – cheesy but true! Dan, Betty, Donna, Kristin & Christina were my testers to see how long it would take.  We couldn’t quite get through the whole workout in an hour, some minor tweaks should do the trick,  but it was a good all over body workout as evidenced by Dan’s t-shirt and feedback from the ladies. As the holiday’s frantic schedule peaks this week, be sure to carve out some time for yourself and move your body!” –Lisa S., 12/11

We’ve been welcoming the Frosty Turtles from Fleet Feet to the Saturday classes. The Frost Turtles are a group of runners led by Kris Gleason. These runners realize the importance of a strength training program incorporated as part of their running regiment. Another piece of good news, is we are welcoming another new instructor who’s is based out of Essex. Details will be released next week!! Next class is January 12 at 7am in the Aspire Studio.


The workouts in Fairfax have had their twists and turns that last few weeks. The 12 Days of Christmas, Every Minute on the Minute (EMOTM) and BFA Cheerleaders. We welcomed new boot campers . . . Jensen’s husband, Tucker, Jody’s friend Mindy and her daughter, the a big, warm welcome to Lisa Schukei’s husband, Rob. It’s nice to see more couples working out together. There’s several mother-daughter/son groups, husband-wife teams and father-daughter/son pairs. This is what makes our fitness community truly unique. Let’s continue to grow this community!! See you all this Thursday, Dec. 27 at 7pm.

Next Challenge: Push-Ups . . . Can also benefit the American Cancer Society

Last year, many of us participated in a nation-wide push-up challenge for the Children’s Cancer Network, where you chose to perform 5,000 or 10,000 push-ups in one month. You do the math as to how many you need to do each day 🙂

If you do the challenge, you have the option of collecting pledges and/or donating any amount to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. A Challenge is not meant to be easy, nor is battling Cancer!!

A link to the Boot Cancer Team will be forwarded to everyone before the New Year. Remember, you have the option of doing only the Challenge to prove that you can just plain ole attack a challenge; a commitment to the Relay for Life is not required, nor will you be asked if you’re donating or collecting pledges. I’m committing to 10,000!!

Are you accepting the Push-Up Challenge for January 2013? Enter your name here:

A February Challenge: This one we all can do!

Brian Bill Memorial Challenge, Sunday february 17th , 2013, 0900am – Norwich University – Northfield – VT

Let’s get a team together. You’re not expected to run this thing. Let’s think of it as a hike through the woods with a few obstacles in our way. My husband is almost committed!! Paula, talk to your husband. Lisa S., will Rob do it? I know Kris Gleason, Lisa & Geoff Dike are in. Deb P. are you still in?


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  1. Lisa – what’s the trick to adding your name to the spreadsheet? I could open it, but couldn’t figure out how add my name to it!

    • Boot Camp with LSD

      You should be able to just click in the cell below the last person’s name and type your name. Let me know if you still can’t do it.

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