Time Change for Fairfax

Boot Campers,  Please read the entire message. Thank you.

I just found out tonight that starting tomorrow, boot camp for the winter in Fairfax needs to start at 7pm, instead of 6:30pm. According to the school, their space demands have increased and they asked all recreation programs to start at 7pm from now until mid-March. I apologize for the last minute notice, but I was just notified today. This is only temporary.
Don’t worry, we’ll start exactly at 7pm and end exactly at 8pm.
Remember, this is only valid from tomorrow until mid-March due to space limitations (basketball, cheerleading, clubs, etc.).
Last note: Tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 29, we’re in the Elementary Gym since there’s a “How to Pay for College” seminar in the multi-purpose room and cheerleading in the middle school gym. Yes, it starts at 7pm.
We were successful at maintaining Tuesday nights throughout the winter. However, as mentioned last week, the recreation department has to move the classes starting Jan. 1 to the Essex Jct. Rec. Department building (there’s a multi-purpose room there). This will be our location until mid-March (and at that time, we can move back to ADL, or stay at the Rec. Department).
We still have Saturdays at 7am at the Aspire Studio.
Thank you for everyone’s flexibility. Recreation programming is at the mercy of public spaces and places.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Remember, we’re in the Elementary Gym tomorrow (PLUS, it starts at 7pm).
Thank you being a part of this fun and crazy community programming!!!

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