Week of Nov. 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

For the week of Thanksgiving, there’s only ONE class since schools are closed. The class is in Essex Jct. on Wednesday night at 6:45pm. It’s at the Aspire Studio in Essex Jct. Here’s a link to the directions: (Directions to Aspire: http://binged.it/PUMTJQ)

Week in Review


With basketball season upon us, we now meet in the cafeteria, unless it’s locked 🙂  The janitor forgot and we almost had our bootcamp in the hallway. Kudos to everyone for being game enough to do it there and thank you to Pam’s son for showing us the trick to get into the cafeteria.  We did a lot of leg work and made good use of the school’s equipment. Some of us discovered muscles burning that we didn’t know we had!  Note from my gluteus maximus – don’t use green bands for chariots! We will use jump ropes often through the winter months and the schools are made for middle school size kids, so if you have your own please bring it and see Lisa D if you would like to order a high quality custom-made jump rope.  For session holders who missed Tuesday 10/30 class, because of the unexpected school closing, we will issue a voucher for one class to be used at any Boot Camp with LSD location, or you can pass it on to a friend/family member. Have a great week!” — Lisa S.

On Saturday, Paula was Alice’s personal trainer for an entire hour. How lucky was she? I’m not sure if Alice felt she was lucky or not 🙂 I know that this Saturday, there’s a good amount of you coming. Looking forward to delivering a killer workout!!


Monday was primarily strength focused where we shifted through 3 types of stations comprised of rag movements (the toughest for sure), weighted movements, and body-weight exercises. Strength training gives us time to talk to each other–to catch up, to tell stories, to ask about the “Big Bus” 🙂 My goodness, do we laugh a lot at boot camp . . . great medicine!

Eventhough, we had to shift to a Wednesday at 5:45pm last week, due to the drama production, we had a strong showing of boot campers. They were introduced to a 99 workout: 5 movements at 99 reps, followed by 9 pushups, then 5 of the same movements at 88 repse, and 8 pushups . . . continue that until 11. Many people made it to 22. Throughout the winter, we’ll work on getting to 11. It was nice to see Suzanne, Jen M and Jensen back. Kerry and Heather came back, that’s a good sign 🙂 I even heard rumors that Yvonne E. is returning–and Jody B. and her husband is jumping in with us.

Lamoille Obstacle Race for Make-A-Wish

‎47 runners, 10 obstacles, student and adult volunteers…lots ‘o hills and lots ‘o smiles…so proud of Leo, his business classmates at the tech center and his varsity club friends…booster club moms running the concession…Construction program’s wooden obstacles.VT Peanut Butter, the best…Turtle Fur, the warmest….plus, Price Chopper, Johnson Farm & Garden, Jolly’s, Salon Salon, and Tilton & Co. all pitched in.
Here’s some comments: “It was FANTASTIC! Hope it was their 1st annual! Looking forward to next year!”……………..”I agree, a great event.  I will totally remember the hills!  Bigger and better turnout for next year!  Awesome job!”………………….”Maybe even twice a year??”

50 Day Challenge Wrap-Up

Next Challenge is Coming after New Year! http://100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com/

Without special supplements, pre-packaged meals, bottled drinks . . . a group of people shifted their lifestyle by eating real food and combining it with real vigorous movement. Not all measurements are in, but initial results are impressive, here are some numbers . . . 2 inches off waist . .. down 10+ lbs . . . 1-2 inch off arms . . . no more mood swings . . . sleeping better . . . digestive system on track . . . no bloating . . . amazing amount of energy . . . cooking more . . . experienced new foods . . . made healthy connections with people . . . increased body confidence . . . managing stress . . . hearing a lot of compliments!Congratulations to the recent Challengers. You’re now a part of a growing community committed to living a healthier, more natural lifestyle . . . you’re part of a growing community educating family, friends and coworkers . . . Looking forward to continuing our connections!

Definition of Challenge – a call to prove something; a demanding task or situation; serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort; difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

You know there are no short cuts to a challenge. You have to work your butt off to “prove something”; to meet a “demanding task”. It’s a battle, but it’s a battle where you will be stimulated, engaged and most of all…SUCCESSFUL!!

1st Drawing is Dec. 1: Bring a Boot Camp Buddy and Win Booty

WARNING!!! THE FOLLOWING IS A REPEAT OF LAST WEEK IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Okay, I had to make this headline cheesy. Plus, it’s not the “booty” most of you are thinking about!! But seriously, many of you tell your friends and family how fun it is to be tortured, then they come and see for themselves. Well, we want to add a twist to bringing a new boot camper by giving away some booty. Now, the true definition of booty is when you acquire a prize through looting and plundering. So, just don’t question where the prizes come from :-)

To start with, each active boot camper will receive one chance in the monthly drawing. Retro-active to October, everytime you bring (er, drag) an adult boot camper, your chances increase. The first drawing is scheduled for Sunday, December 2. Didn’t win? Don’t worry. All chances are carried forward month-to-month.

What is the booty? Well, based on your survey responses, the prize pot includes gift certificates, workout gear, food/drink, free classes, and 30 burpees courtesy of Paula Coli. We’re always looking for more businesses to support our community spirit, so let me know if you have a business that would be willing to donate to our booty bin.

Looking forward to seeing you drag in your buddy kicking and screaming, then seeing them leave with a big smile :-)

Wheat Belly . . . Read this Before the Holidays Hit You

Five wheat belly indicators in addition to a bloated belly

1) High blood  sugar

2) Skin problems, rashes, acne, and eczema

3) Bouts of anxiety and  depression – low energy

4) Gut disorders – yeast infections

5) Early aging  disorders that include dementia
Beyond this lies celiac disease, which  can be determined by a blood test and/or gut biopsy.

Wheat today is not what it used to be. It is more of a hybrid version of 19th  century and earlier versions of wheat our ancestors relied on for their daily  bread. The same is true for a few other grains.

Today’s wheat is a  genetic modification of horticultural or agricultural specie combining. This  genetic modification is different than laboratory GMO gene splicing.  Nevertheless, the amount of 20th century agricultural genetic modification has  outpaced the human digestive system’s ability to adapt.
The result is  that even if you are not a celiac disease sufferer or gluten sensitive, you  still could be suffering from the ill effects of wheat and other grains. Even  organic whole wheat has a high glycemic index (GI), which over time may increase  your glycemic load and create diabetes II.

So although whole wheat grains  are considered complex carbohydrates, modern day wheat contains amylopectin  A, which is a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate that spikes your blood sugar,  but more. The other grains that can contribute to wheat belly include: Barley,  rye, triticale (a cross between wheat and rye), bulgur, farina, kamut, seminola,  durum flour, and spelt. Bummer, eh?

There are safer grain options,  however. Buckwheat, which is not actually wheat, amaranth, rice, hominy,  sorghum, tapioca, arrowroot, quinoa, and einkorn are okay. Uncommon einkorn is  the ancient traditional wheat our ancestors enjoyed. Oats are controversial.  Some argue that oats are contaminated by wheat.

The downside of wheat and some other grains

Beer belly is actually wheat  or grain belly, according to Body Ecology. It is visceral fat, or  fat that has accumulated around body cavity organs, such as the liver, stomach,  or intestines. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin. It is the flabby, flesh  of any part of your body.

Obese folks have both visceral and subcutaneous  fat issues. A beer or wheat belly most likely  indicates visceral fat. In addition to the obvious potential of diabetes II from  obesity, there is another ominous aspect of visceral fat.

Visceral fat  acts as a gland, secreting hormones that make the immune system react. This  produces more fat to store and protect pathogens from invading our organs. It’s  the proverbial vicious cycle, and it also produces low level chronic  inflammation that can result in various autoimmune diseases.
Cardiologist  William Davis, MD, warns against the gluten  free diet for losing a wheat belly. The wheat substitutes such as potato flour  have high glycemic index issues also, and they can increase your GI load to  cause the obesity you’re trying to avoid.

Sprouted grain bread options

Weston A. Price Foundation founders  Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD, researched sprouted grains and determined  they had a lower GI than grains not  sprouted.

The sprouts still contain some gluten, but sprouted grain  enzymes break down a good deal of the grains’ normally harmful ingredients. They  are more nutritious than merely whole grains.

There are the Ezekiel  sprouted grain breads. Some bakeries make sprouted wheat  and other sprouted grain breads. Whole Food bakeries provide a sourdough,  sprouted wheat bread without bromide, a harmful ingredient used by most  bakeries.

You might be able to get away with some of the options  mentioned in this article instead of being forced into a strict Paleolithic  (Paleo) or hunter/gatherer diet to avoid wheat belly.
Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/036845_wheat_belly_weight_gain_gluten.html#ixzz2C0tZJkZ0

Sources for this article include






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