Week of Nov. 4

Time and Day Change

Reminder of schedule change: Due to the Drama presentation of The Little Mermaid at BFA-Fairfax next week, boot camp is moved to a different time and day. It’s on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 5:45. Yes, earlier. There are no other spaces available that night at 6:30. But, we can have the gym from 5:45 – 6:45, then Zumba starts at 7pm. Please spread the word.

This means that boot camp is happening in Fairfax on Monday, Nov. 5 at 6:30pm and Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 5:45pm. Essex remains the same with Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 6:30pm at ADL school and Saturday, Nov. 10 at 7am at Aspire Studio.

Bring a Boot Camp Buddy and Win Booty

Okay, I had to make this headline cheesy. Plus, it’s not the “booty” most of you are thinking about!! But seriously, many of you tell your friends and family how fun it is to be tortured, then they come and see for themselves. Well, we want to add a twist to bringing a new boot camper by giving away some booty. Now, the true definition of booty is when you acquire a prize through looting and plundering. So, just don’t question where the prizes come from 🙂

To start with, each active boot camper will receive one chance in the monthly drawing. Retro-active to October, everytime you bring (er, drag) an adult boot camper, your chances increase. The first drawing is scheduled for Sunday, December 2. Didn’t win? Don’t worry. All chances are carried forward month-to-month.

What is the booty? Well, based on your survey responses, the prize pot includes gift certificates, workout gear, food/drink, free classes, and 30 burpees courtesy of Paula Coli. We’re always looking for more businesses to support our community spirit, so let me know if you have a business that would be willing to donate to our booty bin.

Looking forward to seeing you drag in your buddy kicking and screaming, then seeing them leave with a big smile 🙂

Week in Review

Due to hurricane Sandy, there were no classes on Monday and Tuesday last week. Boy, did we all have withdrawls. Everyone came out swinging Thursday night and Saturday morning. Lots of new people and  crazy energy!


Thursday’s workout we learned a new game, a good Ole Fashioned Cat and Mouse Chase. First we did an all indoor ladder warm-up that included a lunging loop around the halls of the school.  Everyone got nice and warmed up and sweaty for our workout.  The workout: We partnered up determined who would be the mouse and who would be the cat. The game: 5 stations were set up in the gym and 1 station in the hallway. The hallway station: the rag run aka “my quads are burning!”.  The mouses moved 2 stations forward of their cats. At go, the cats and mice did 20 reps of the designated exercise at their station, then continued to the next the station and did 20 reps, and so on.  The cat is trying to catch their mouse and the mouse is trying not to get caught.  Movements were quick but controlled and the mice were detemined not to get caught.  Everyone worked really hard and had fun powering through the game.  Many thanks to Linda and Paula for providing us with rags.  And welcome new boot campers, Heather, Kerry and their daughters as well as Jim Peters – you guys were great and showed a ton of grit for your first boot camp workout!!  Have a great week!


Every Saturday morning that I’ve lead has been a rainy one!! I was impressed with all of you that pulled yourself outta bed and came to sweat instead of sleep! We welcomed two of Lisa’s friends, Theresa and Marie, two very fit sisters. They didn’t miss a beat, but didn’t especially care for the bear crawl rag run! Lisa even got her husband Jeff to come to class again. Thanks for spreading the word Lisa!! I really enjoy my Saturday groups. We started off with 5 min’s jumping rope, which doesn’t sound like much on paper….different story when the ropes in your hand! 100 squats, 50 lunges and 25 push ups and by then we were warm and ready to go! We performed slide mountain climbers then quickly side shuffled 5x back and forth and ended up on the other side to perform the blissful burpees. We went on and on and on for 15 mins. We all decided we’d prefer to be tortured station style. I’m going to start calling our Saturday mornings “interactive boot camp”. We as a group decided what the stations would be, and quickly went into action for 15 mins. of non stop movement! We had a jump squat station, jump rope /hula hoop station, a tricep dip station, and a bearcrawl rag run! We ended with 100 partner sit ups. Alice and I were partners…great job Alice! We’ll be feeling those in a day or two! We ended the class with planks and stretches. I must add that Lisa Dike and Barb Simoneau, two of our 50 day challengers are looking FANTASTIC!! Kudos girls!! We missed you today  Amber, Crystal, and Kris! See you all next Saturday morning! — Paula

Boot Camp Buzz

Congratulations to Lisa Schukei’s family. Her son is on the BFA-Fairfax football team and they won their semi-final game today against Mill River. They’re playing in the championship game next Saturday. I was there for most of the game and it was just spectacular. Fairfax has done an amazing job with their football program. The new score board is enormous. I could read the score from the bridge!!

Many boot campers are participating in the first-ever Lamoille Obstacle Run on Saturday, Nov. 10 for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont. Deb P. has a team called, “Deer Hunter Widows – Git’n It Done”. Rebecca G. is volunteering! Paula C. is either competing or volunteering. Lisa D. and Kris G. are registered. Tim S. is a definite. I know there are others on the fence depending on the weather . . . but who cares about the weather! Just come out and have fun. It takes just over $11,000 to grant one wish. For more information, go to: http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/

**As of this Friday night, the next 20 online registrants will receive a special coupon from Turtle Fur.

The last day of the 50 Challenge is Monday, November 4. There are some amazing results. The group is going to meet on Sunday, Nov. 11. These are surely dedicated challengers who were ready to make a serious shift. The next Challenge is after the holidays. Current and former Challengers, please don’t forget what you learned. Remain steadfast and stay prepared. You’re the only one in the way. http://100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com/

Brain Rules by John Medina

Educators, Businesses, Couch Potatoes especially, please take a moment to go deeper into this.


“My goal is to introduce you to 12 things we know about how the brain works. I call these Brain Rules. For each rule, I present the science and then offer ideas for investigating how the rule might apply to our daily lives, especially at work and school. The brain is complex, and I am taking only slivers of information from each subject—non-comprehensive but accessible.

• For starters, we are not used to sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. From an evolutionary perspective, our brains developed while working out, walking as many as 12 miles a day. The brain still craves the experience, especially in sedentary populations like our own. That’s why exercise boosts brain power (Brain Rule #2) in such populations. Exercisers outperform couch potatoes in long-term memory, reasoning, attention, problem-solving tasks, and more. I am convinced that integrating exercise into our eight hours at work or school would only be normal.

• As you no doubt have noticed if you’ve ever sat through a typical PowerPoint presentation, people don’t pay attention to boring things (Brain Rule #4). You’ve got seconds to grab someone’s attention, and only 10 minutes to keep it. At 9 minutes and 59 seconds, something must be done quickly—something emotional and relevant. Also, the brain needs a break. That’s why I use stories in this book to make many of my points.

• Ever feel tired around 3 o’clock in the afternoon? That’s because your brain really wants to take a nap. You might be more productive if you did: In one study, a 26-minute nap improved NASA pilots’ performance by 34 percent. Even so, the brain isn’t resting while it sleeps. It is surprisingly active. And whether you get enough rest affects your mental agility the next day. Sleep well, think well (Brain Rule #7).

• We’ll meet a man who can read two pages at the same time, one with each eye, and remember everything in the pages forever. Most of us do more forgetting than remembering, of course, and that’s why we must repeat to remember (Brain Rule #5). When you understand the brain’s rules for memory, you’ll see why I want to destroy the notion of homework.

• We’ll find out why the terrible twos only look like active rebellion but are actually a child’s powerful urge to explore. Babies may not have a lot of knowledge about the world, but they know a whole lot about how to get it. We are all natural explorers (Brain Rule #12), and this never leaves us, despite the artificial environments we’ve built for ourselves.

Each subject in this book—exercise, survival, wiring, attention, memory, sleep, stress, sense, vision, gender, and exploration—relates to this performance envelope. Motion translates to exercise. Environmental instability led to the extremely flexible way our brains are wired, allowing us to solve problems through exploration. Learning from our mistakes so we could survive in the great outdoors meant paying attention to certain things at the expense of others, and it meant creating memories in a particular way. Though we have been stuffing them into classrooms and cubicles for decades, our brains actually were built to survive in jungles and grasslands.

If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you probably would design something like a classroom. If you wanted to create a business environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you probably would design something like a cubicle. And if you wanted to change things, you might have to tear down both and start over.

In many ways, starting over is what this book is all about.”

The Rules start on page 9 of this link: http://county.wsu.edu/pierce/youth/4hafterschool/Documents/BrainRules_JohnMedina_MediaKit.pdf


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