Week of 10/28

Schedule Change & Week in Review

In addition to tossing in your jump rope (if you have one), can you toss in two small rags (big enough to put your feet on)–we’ll pull them out on Monday.

The schedule change is for Fairfax in November. Instead of Thursday, Nov. 8, we need to move boot camp to Wednesday, Nov. 7. Thursday is BFA-Fairfax’s opening night of their drama production, “The Little Mermaid.” Parking will be extremely difficult, plus both Lisa Schukei and myself have children in the production.

Karen G. ran her best 5k ever!! Plus, she did another 5K on Saturday morning.  Welcome back Kaitlin, who brought her friend Lauren. Also, welcome Alice, a friend of Linda B. Congratulations to Brenda S. on her first grandchild (a boy!!).


Monday was a grueling ladder workout that included box jumps, monkey shuffle, and overhead presses. To add a level of difficulty, people found med balls in their box jump chairs to use as extra weight. Everyone was so kind to each other by delivering the med ball to their neighbor 🙂 Each rotation, participants increased their reps by 5. That was after a 10-10-10 workout and before medicine ball, overhead press and chair planks. The floor was wet with sweat!!

Thursday was a beautiful night! We took advantage of it with a few runs around the school. That is where I hid in the darkness of the dumpster and awaited my victims!!….Sorry, but ’tis the season…Watch out!!… It’s almost Halloween!!! We remained outside to warm up under the street lights. Performing inchworms, bear crawls, hamstring stretches and the Superman move, once I remembered how! Everyone decided it’s a Spiderman move….There’s no way Superman can move like that!! We then quickly spit out 30 squats, and 90 jumping jacks! We all voted to stay out or move it to the gym….All those with bloody, mangled hands voted to move it in, so they could see to remove the stones from their palms! Without much hesitation we grouped up for stations of Jump squats, rear lunges, mountain climbers, push ups and sprints, 45 secs. on 15 secs. off for 5 rounds! We all closed up with  50 partner plank/ seal sit up moves. Stretched and out the door by 7:30pm! Remember when it’s Paula’s night to torture, we will plan to start promptly at 6:30!  –Paula C.


Tuesday: We had a ball on Tuesday night…really!  We each held a medicine ball for the entire evening and all movements were performed carrying it.  The medicine ball was our “baby” and the rule of night – you cannot ever put your baby down, not even to go to the bathroom or take a drink of water.  You either have to have a friend hold it or somehow balance it.  Why?  Because if you put the baby down, you have to perform 30 burpees. Yikes! Guess what? No one put the baby down! This was a really fun work-out, hard, but fun.  We welcomed Kristin and Alice to session 2, great work ladies! And Congratulations to Lisa Dike who was back from her big race in PA. Lisa shared how rewarding an adventure it was and we are very proud of her!!! –Lisa S.

Saturday: It was a beautiful morning, which allowed us to add a running interval to our intense station workout. I broke out the clothes so we could have some sliding fun, then continued the stations with resistance squats, mountain climbers, push-ups and jump ropes. The sliding was a killer. Each hand is placed on a cloth and you push yourself across the floor, driving with your legs. We wove in and out of markers 3x. My legs were spent!! Very proud of everyone there . . . sweat was dripping and you were still smiling!

Mark Your Calendars for November 10

Lamoille Obstacle Race for Make-A-Wish: November 10

  • My name is Leo Wrighton and as a student of GMTCC Business Administration class I have been charged with the creation of a large scale event which evolved into Lamoille’s first obstacle race.
  • All of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont.  This non-profit organization was unanimously chosen by our class to receive these donations because of what they accomplish.
  • The obstacle race that I am creating will be around a 5K run through the network of trails that Lamoille Union High School maintains.
  • This lap will include ten obstacles of varying difficulty placed at random intervals.  If any of these obstacles prove too difficult for any contestant or they choose to opt out of that obstacle, they will be required to perform a stationary physical exercise equivalent to the amount of time it would take to complete the obstacle.  This event will be for age groups 13 and over.
  • http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/

Pumpkin Recipes You May Have Never Heard of

Pumpkin Chili


slow cooker pumpkin chili

Pumpkin Black Bean Chicken Chili


Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Pepitas (substitute the brown sugar w/ honey, or just omit)


Finally, 10 Minute Meals–for real!



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