Week of Oct. 21, 2012

Week in Review

First, a big congratulations to Lisa Schukei’s son and his BFA-Fairfax football team for marching forward toward playoffs. They beat Windsor this past Saturday, 59-14 and their next game is in Winooski this coming Friday. It would be great to gather as many supporters as possible.

See you Monday and Thursday in Fairfax at 6:30pm. In Essex Jct., see you on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at ADL (in the cafeteria) and then Saturday mornings at 7am at the Aspire Studio.

A new Essex session starts on 10/23 and goes for 4-weeks. Here’s the link if you want to purchase a session pass or a punch card. If not, you can still drop-in. http://www.ejrp.org/

Lisa Dike ran at the Runners World Conference in PA this past weekend. Laura G. also participated in a run outside of Vermont. Was that in PA too Laura?


“After a brisk warm up outside with jump squats and band sprints – Betty has really strong legs!- we moved inside for the work-out.  Pacemaker was the work-out of the night and “Switch!” was the word of the night.  Jessica was most definitely the MVP of the evening – at the burpee station, she upgraded to the body-builder burpee and pounded through that move! Everyone worked like a machine and whipped through the circuit several times- hmmm…may just have to up the challenge for the next Pacemaker night.  We finished with the’ wind-shield wiper’ ab move (my favorite) and Dan did not sweat on Amber- woo hoo!  Just as the workout was about to end with stretches, we were surprised by basketball players at 7:30pm. It looks like that season has started so plan to meet in the cafeteria going forward.  Quite a few boot-campers are particpating in fall race events, be sure to share your events with us and we definitely want to hear about your results!!!!” –Lisa Schukei

“Another rainy Saturday morning! It was Anne M.,Donna A.,Crystal T. and I….Thank-you for dragging yourselves out of bed. Kudos to you for getting your workout done and out of the way, first thing! We started off with a short indoor run followed by chest to ground push ups, burpees and bear crawls, forward and back for 15 min’s. Right into a ladder up/ ladder down…1 jump squat, 15 mountain climbers, 2 jump squats, 14 mountain climbers etc….finished up with some ab moves, and stretching. As our reward, Anne, Crystal and I went to enjoy a cup and joe, some protein and conversation…Donna A. was off to work….. Thanks for coming out girls! Nice to have you back AnnieBanannie!” –Paula C.


What can I say . . . Monday was a boat load of fun! We did everything from band squats, goblet squats and jump-shuffle-jump . . . jump roping, weighted rows, and plenty of push-ups and back-planks. Then to top it off, we kicked-off our shoes and slid, slid, slid . . . I couldn’t resist, but we captured a stinky sock picture. You are all great sports!

Thursday: “We took advantage of the beautiful weather, with 3 runs around the school starting promptly at 6:30pm. As soon as we all gathered inside we performed 15 min’s. of chest to ground push ups, the much loved burpees and bear crawls forward and backwards across the gym. Nothing but fun for this bunch! Everyone loved the bearcrawls and insisted on performing more, I finally had to put a stop to it!!….We continued on with performing 1 jump squat, 15 mountain climbers, 2 jump squats, 14 mountain climbers, 3 j.squats, 13 m.climbers etc…. Like I said, nothing but FUN! We all finished up with some ab work, stretching and announcements and off for home by 7:35!  Great job everyone, I appreciate you all allowing me to torture you!”–Paula C.

50/100 Day Challenge Update

Thank you to Kris G. for introducing everyone to her sister, Karyl Kent, who was selected as Statewide Nominee for the Louse Sublette Award. She’s a Food Services Manager that every school needs. Karyl also is a caterer and was involved in the Food Network show, Chopped. We’re going to invite her to a larger group setting to show us more about preparing foods with herbs, spice and anything else nice. We’ll keep you posted. The picture featured is a quick, yummy, cold green bean salad.

Run, Run, Run . . . All Shapes and Sizes

Zombie Run in Essex this Past Saturday

Westford Pumpkin Run/Walk

Lamoille Obstacle Race for Make-A-Wish: November 10

  • My name is Leo Wrighton and as a student of GMTCC Business Administration class I have been charged with the creation of a large scale event which evolved into Lamoille’s first obstacle race.
  • All of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont.  This non-profit organization was unanimously chosen by our class to receive these donations because of what they accomplish.
  • The obstacle race that I am creating will be around a 5K run through the network of trails that Lamoille Union High School maintains.
  • This lap will include ten obstacles of varying difficulty placed at random intervals.  If any of these obstacles prove too difficult for any contestant or they choose to opt out of that obstacle, they will be required to perform a stationary physical exercise equivalent to the amount of time it would take to complete the obstacle.  This event will be for age groups 13 and over.
  • http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/

Change or Die, a Book for Everyone.

Read on and see why.

What if you were given that choice? If you didn’t, your time would end soon—a lot sooner than it had to. Could you change when change matters most?

This is the question Alan Deutschman poses in Change or Die, which began as a sensational cover story by the same title for Fast Company. Deutschman concludes that although we all have the ability to change our behavior, we rarely ever do. From patients suffering from heart disease to repeat offenders in the criminal justice system to companies trapped in the mold of unsuccessful business practices, many of us could prevent ominous outcomes by simply changing our mindset.

A powerful book with universal appeal, Change or Die deconstructs and debunks age-old myths about change and empowers us with three critical keys—relate, repeat, and reframe—to help us make important positive changes in our lives. Explaining breakthrough research and progressive ideas from a wide selection of leaders in medicine, science, and business (including Dr. Dean Ornish, Mimi Silbert of the Delancey Street Foundation, Bill Gates, Daniel Boulud, and many others), Deutschman demonstrates how anyone can achieve lasting, revolutionary changes that are positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.

To dive deeper, go to: http://www.fastcompany.com/75905/three-keys-change


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