Week of Oct. 13, 2012

Taking a Poll

Paula has an idea for a referral program. I want to ask our boot campers, a few questions to capture your thoughts. Can you take 30 seconds to answer this one question. Thanks!!!

Week in Review

First, if you want to purchase a full session at Essex Junction Recreation and Parks, the next one starts 10/22. If you don’t purchase a session, YOU CAN DEFINITELY still drop in or purchase a punch card. Go to www.ejrp.org or sign up at class.

Also, if you have a jump rope–bring it! If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality, tailored rope, let me know.


“Monday night started off with 3 runs around the school….and if one was very quiet, you could hear the proud cry of Karen G….. “Ahy (I) did it!…Ahy (I) did it!! Two times around the school without stoppin’!” (in that sweet Alabama accent). Kudos to you Karen, you’ve come a long way baby!
For the workout all the troops eagerly lined up on the wall to be tortured. We turned on some tunes and performed a tight fitting ladder workout. Pushups for 8 mins…8 ct. bodybuilders for 8 mins., which was a real crowd pleaser! And 8 mins. of jump squats, or touch squats, if you preferred that sort of thing. All touch squatters were asked that they wash their hands when finished. Everyone was working out HARD! We finished the night with 3 new ab moves….”Thanks Betty” for being my eyes!… and a fire hydrant move, compliments of Kevin G. General consensus for the entire evening….Stupid!
A big CONGRATS goes out to Lisa Schukei for setting her best time in the 5k. run over the weekend. She completed it in 30 mins.! Best part is she skunked her husband Rob by 45 sec. You rock!!”–Paula

Man, Thursday’s workout left my legs and butt tender. I love that loop of the school. It’s a great way to get walking, weighted lunges in (6 rounds of them). Deb P. was on FIRE! She was ahead of the pack all night . . . I’m glad she’s now on our Zombie team! Christina from Essex came–I was really pleased to see her.


“Tuesday Bootcamp started with a tougher than it looks Ladder Warm-Up.  Everyone put in an excellent effort to get their musles warmed up and ready for a Tabata work-out.  The ADL school has an excellent variety of work-out equipment and we put it to good use. Arms and legs were burning!!! Pam & Angela’s sons, 2nd graders, not only participated in the entire work out, they helped clean up afterwards- what great kids!  Deb P, very proud to see you Tue night, obviously committed to your 2-a-week BootCamp Challenge – go Deb!” — Lisa S.

Saturday morning even had my entire body in tremors . . . I’m not going to say too much of what we did because guess what?  I’m unleashing it on you next Monday . . . . hoohoohaahaa!! Extra evil during Halloween season!

Boot Cancer

What a day last Sunday! People from around Vermont came to Collins-Perley Sports Arena in St. Albans to participate in the Boot Cancer Fitness Challenge for the American Cancer Society. My sister, Rachel and her friend Tayna took over the reins without much time to plan and they pulled it off without a hitch. Thank you Amber W. for being my partner. We complimented each other in each of thePhoto two workouts. A huge thank you to Dana C. for being the backbone of the event and another thank you to Paula for hanging out for the day and driving my family home. Lastly, I’m so proud of two of my children who poured their heart and soul into the one workout for kids. My 6 year old said later that night, “Mom, I didn’t compete to win today, I did it for Cancer.” Spoken from the heart for sure!

Link to fantastic pictures: http://exposedphotography.smugmug.com/Charity-Cancer/2012-Boot-Cancer/25801083_Dr8B6H#!i=2135112814&k=j2xwns3

From the St. Albans Messenger:

Boot Cancer: A workout with a cause

Written By:     Leon Thompson

Fitness fans compete at Collins-Perley

ST. ALBANS TOWN –– Shortly after participants started their first heat at the Boot Cancer sweat-a-thon here Sunday, Rachel Harbaugh, event co-chair, asked local DJ Brian Fredette to crank Boston’s 1976 hit, Smokin’. “Sure!” Fredette replied. “Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!” Fredette spun hours of tunes at the Collins-Perley Sports & Fitness Center as 30 fitness fanatics toiled their way through Boot Cancer, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Franklin County.        This was the fourth-annual Boot Cancer challenge. Participants in four categories – men, women, partners and youth – engaged in friendly competition structured after popular boot camp-style exercise classes that have popped up throughout Vermont over the last handful of years. “There’s a lot of camaraderie here, as much as there is competition,” said Dave Ainsworth, 51, of Fletcher, a first-year participant in Boot Cancer.        Like other Boot Cancer competitors, Ainsworth paid a $50 fee and raised other money in pledges. (The children’s fee was $5.)        And, like other Boot Cancer competitors, cancer has affected Ainsworth’s life. His mother, sister-in-law and grandmother all died of the far-reaching ailment, so Boot Cancer means something different for him, he said. “We’re all here for a good cause,” said Ainsworth, while catching his breath after a “very tiring” first heat.        There were 14 total heats, held inside and outside Collins-Perley. Participants threw weighted balls at elevated wall targets, flipped tractor tires, pulled weighted sleds and raced each other as human wheelbarrows. There were six volunteer judges on site.        Winners received medals according to age group. The Messenger expects to have complete results soon. “I haven’t done a wheelbarrow since I was 10 years old,” said Tanya Noyes, 40, of South Burlington, Harbaugh’s co-chair. “It was crazy.” Noyes is a cervical cancer survivor and was diagnosed 10 years ago, when she was 30. Harbaugh’s husband, Brian, 38, is also a cancer survivor; they live in Danville.        Rachel Harbaugh’s sister, Lisa Durocher, of Fairfax, started Boot Cancer locally in 2008. She teaches boot camp classes in Fairfax and was driving in her car one day when the idea for Boot Cancer came to her. She had already started a similar fundraiser, the local Ronald McDonald House golf tournament, about 20 years ago. “I knew how to do it, so I thought, ‘Let’s try this,’” Durocher said.        Durocher spent much of this year furthering her education, so Harbaugh and Noyes offered to organize Boot Cancer for her – but they only had a month to do it. “A lot of the phone calls we just made in the last 30 days,” Noyes said.        Eleventh-hour planning might have caused participation to drop by about half this year, the co-chairs said. Last year, 60 Boot Cancer participants raised about $7,500 for Relay for Life. Harbaugh and Noyes estimated Boot Cancer would raise $2,000 this year.        They also guessed participation dropped due to the high number of Franklin County residents that were still recovering from the grueling Spartan Beast race, held last month in Killington. “I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out in a month,” Noyes said, as she and Harbaugh – both dressed in pink warm-up tops, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – watched children participate in their first heat of the day (with lighter exercises, of course). “This is my favorite part,” Harbaugh said. “When I was a kid, playing sports, there wasn’t anything like this for conditioning. Now, there are classes for kids. It’s so important, no matter how old you are.” Carmelo Miceli, 8, made the trip from Huntington with his family to participate in Boot Cancer. He takes boot camp for kids at Champlain Valley CrossFit, in South Burlington. “I liked the broad jump the best,” he said, after his first heat. “I feel good, but not tired.” Miceli’s mother, Kris, 39, lost her father-in-law to cancer last year, and her sister-in-law is a recent breast cancer survivor. Kris said the Micelis would return to Boot Cancer in St. Albans next year. “This is a great community, and this is a great way to raise awareness and funds,” she said.

ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare (OFFICIAL TRAILER 2012)

Take 2:30 to watch this short video: http://youtu.be/1Sp4Y_DNMYk

Two Upcoming Fun, Different Races (not your average 5k!!)

Zombie Run, Oct. 20…………….http://zombierun.com/

Zombie Run

Lamoille Obstacle Run (my business students created this event for Make-A-Wish Foundation), Nov. 10 …………….http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/

  • My name is Leo Wrighton and as a student of GMTCC Business Administration class I have been charged with the creation of a large scale event which evolved into Lamoille’s first obstacle race.
  • All of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont.  This non-profit organization was unanimously chosen by our class to receive these donations because of what they accomplish.
  • The obstacle race that I am creating will be around a 5K run through the network of trails that Lamoille Union High School maintains.
  • This lap will include ten obstacles of varying difficulty placed at random intervals.  If any of these obstacles prove too difficult for any contestant or they choose to opt out of that obstacle, they will be required to perform a stationary physical exercise equivalent to the amount of time it would take to complete the obstacle.  This event will be for age groups 13 and over.

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