Week of October 6, 2012


Monday we officially moved the sign-ins inside due to lack of light. However, if the weather permits, we’ll go outside for a bit, then peel the layers to finish inside. The energy was amazing . . . 4 different stations, 2minutes on, one minute of football drills, then shift to the next station . . . 3 rotations. Special thank you to our young drill sargent, John Seaman’s son (hesitant to post children’s name). He proudly took control and told all of the adults when to drop to the ground. The room grunted louder and louder as our bodies hit the gym floor, only to pop-up and wait to hear the loud demand of “drop!” again. Too much fun . . .

Multi-Generation Boot Campers

Thursday’s recap by Lisa Schukei: Everyone pumped it up with an intense circuit workout. It still amazes me how heavy a chair can feel after pumping it up and down for a measly minute. The measly minute feels like an hour!   It was so good to see Lonnie and Jen again.  And a shout out to Art & Celeste, what is that expression? The couple that sweat together, stay together? Anyway, good job sweating together everyone and keep moving, do a little something everyday!


Tuesday was a circuit sylte workout in the large gym at ADL middle school in Essex Jct. After a good warm-up the 4 stations were burpee jumps over cone, chariot races with bands, kettlebell swings and jump roping. In between completing a full rotation, we gathered for a round of tabatas . . . push-ups and jump squats . . . we finished with a nice long, grueling core attack! My son paired with Angela’s son and they were awesome, a perfect team. It was nice to meet Michelle F. and Lisa L’s mom. Plus, Tuesday night was the night Amber responded to my question I popped the question on Monday night . . . the question of “Would you be my partner in the Boot Cancer event this Sunday?” She officially said “Yes!” Wish us luck this Sunday! We’re doing it for the American Cancer Society.

OHhhhh….That Mother Nature can be a cruel woman! It was another rainy Saturday morning! The crowd was small; but we had a great workout!…. and had a good time doing it! We showed up…held ourselves accountable… and cranked the tunes! “Thanks” Laura and Kris for having more than one song on your Ipods. We all warmed up by doing several inchworms, bear crawls, jumping jacks, windmills and lunges. The 25 min.workout was fast paced !…4 stations to attend with no lines, no waiting and absolutely no bottle necking!! We performed a couple of new moves… The hula hoop station, which Crystal T., Kris G.,Laura G., and Lisa D. all performed like pros! The second was the 8ct body builder…Which everyone is going to love ….. Trust me! —Paula


50 Day Challenge: My goodness, people are moving and grooving with intense exercise . . . choosing and chewing much healthier foods. Last week’s meeting about hormones was amazing. The Challenge is like a mini-college course . . . a lot of new content to process and remember. We all need this type of nutrition education . . . thank you Megan Walsh!!

Boot Cancer Challenge: That’s this Sunday in St. Albans. Kids can do a mini-workout for a minimum pledge of $5.00. Adults can still join to compete as an individual or with a partner. That’s a minimum pledge of $50.00. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Thank you to my sister, Rachel for taking on this event. Also, another thank you to Dana C. for continuing to be the backbone of accounting and score keeping. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Zombie Run: That’s October 20. Not too late to register. It’s only in Essex.

NEW!! A business student of mine has created an event for the Make-A-Wish foundation. It’s the Lamoille Obstacle Run. Don’t let the word “obstacle” deter you. This race is designed for all levels  . . . the 5k run is through the beautiful trails on the Lamoille Union campus. It’s open to people 13+ years old. Registration is $25.00 for adults and $20 for those under 18 years old. Here’s the website (which has the registration link to Active.com).  http://lamoilleobstaclerace.weebly.com/

October Unprocessed: Challenge & Sample Menu (including pumpkin smoothie!!)

Check out this website . . . . http://foodformyfamily.com/menu-planning/october-unprocessed-a-challenge-and-a-menu


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