Week of September 23, 2012

Week in Review

What a week of activities . . . 4 boot camp classes, 50 Day Challenge kick-off, Boot Camp Bash and Spartan Race. Myself and Megan kicked off the 50 Day Challenge in Essex Junction last Sunday. This group is ready to commit the grit! Thank you for making all new boot campers feel comfortable and supported in their commitment to leading a more active lifestyle!

Fairfax Location

Paula’s Blog about Monday night: “Monday night’s warm up started off strong!  23 cabooses in a  l o n g train run around the soccer field (a few times!). As if that wasn’t tough enough, we had 4 medicine balls being passed through the line the entire time! …Without hesitation, off to the green monster for a wicked wood weighted workout! Art tried to get away with his little blue tooth pick,but it was quickly lost in the grass when he dropped it! Nice try Art! Our workout included 15 hill runs, 120 overhead presses and 120 squats, all without dropping the weights! Unbelievable!! Everyone was pushing hard and gave it their all! Kudos to the 50 day challengers for sweating with the best of them! You’re all off to a GREAT start! It was nice to see Chris again and some fresh new faces amongst us. Great job Marissa (starting with a weighted backpack… Wow!), Melissa and Kristi. Hope to see you all again and again as regulars. Don’t let the pain scare you off! Everyone finished up with some new planking moves all-the-while swatting mosquitoes! We all were still able to do much more, but had to call it a night when we could no longer see…Fantastic effort everyone!! I love my boot camp family! What a wonderful bunch of people, I’m so fortunate to be able to hang with you!!…So inspiring, witnessing you all pushing past what you “thought” was your limit….That was your limit, yesterday! ….”

Thursday was a combination of Trivia Pursuit (from the 80s) and Suicides on the soccer field. It was a great class for Karen’s boyfriend to attend (by the way Karen, Chris is in GREAT shape, plus he knew his trivia!!). Partners were asked a trivia question and were penalized with squats or push-ups for incorrect answers. We were all laughing soooo hard . . . . what a great time! People were jumping up and down and high-five’ing when they answered correctly. The team of Dan and Art answered all but one and yes, Joe and Jake, Montana is an acceptable answer. We’ll never forget who shot J.R. and the name of Playboy’s comic strip (Answer: Kristin Shepard; Answer: Little Annie Fanny).

Essex Location

Lisa Schukei’s Blog: “Tuesday in Essex saw our first all inside Boot Camp class. High winds and rain chased us inside. We kicked into high gear with a Ladder Workout involving weighted Squats and Overhead Presses peppered with Mountain Climbers. Talk about sweat…it was pouring off us! We topped it off with a relay race where it was great to see everyone cheer on their team mates. Just when we thought we couldn’t do another thing…we did… and finished strong with some intense plank/ab exercises. Everyone put forth excellent effort and kept their ‘can-do’ attitude going to the end. Welcome 50-Day

Challengers, Lisa D, Kris, and Miriam – you go girls! A shout out to Lisa L’s mom, Charone, she cut it up like a teen-ager!

Saturday morning in Essex at the Aspire Studio was intense. We mixed it up with tabatas inside and running outside. It was nice to see John and Dan. Michelle, Lisa D., and Kris tore it up!! I was surprised to see Amber since the night before she was at the Boot Camp Bash. I picked up Paula (both of us were quite tired from the Bash), but boy, it felt amazing when we were done (however, I did sneak in a nap later in the day).

Boot Camp Bash

Well . . . . All I can say is, LET’S DO THIS AGAIN!! What a great time we all had. I laughed so hard that my throat is still sore. To top it all off, the gang presented me with a framed collage of pictures from the Renegade Playground Challenge along with a signed “Thankenstein” card. Wow, I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by more special people!

Spartan Racers

Congratulations to Sandra, Julie, Katie and our own Megan Walsh for competing in the Spartan Beast this past Saturday in Killington. They had 35+ obstacles to overcome, 4 peaks of the Green Mountains to climb & over 13 miles of running. Then there’s the Ultra Beast competitors. They’re doing twice that amount in distance & obstacles! Bill West and Megan’s man, Skye completed the Ultra Beast.

Here’s an update from Katie: Bill did awesome! He could still walk after about 28 miles of torture. And he qualified for the Spartan season pass for next year. He is crazy! Oh and guess what? I somehow managed to come in first in my age group.

Way to go Katie!

Never though that would happen. All thanks to Bill and his nutty training. It worked! Here’s a picture of Megan and I and our dirt. And my happy little kids after their race.  Probably won’t be at boot camp this week. I am letting my body rest.

Our very own Megan & Katie!!

Compete as an individual, with a partner . . . Kids? Yes, there’s a kids workout! All proceeds go to American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life to help boot cancer’s @$$!!  Volunteers needed! Prizes from businesses are needed!!

Date: Sunday, October 7

Location: Collins-Perley in St. Albans, VT

Price: Minimum of $50.00 (fundraise for more!); kids are $5.00

Register at: http://www.active.com/more-sports/st-albans-vt/boot-cancer-fitness-challenge-2012

Website: http://www.bootcancer.org


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