Week of September 2, 2012

Week in Review

Yes, there is class tomorrow night!  Can’t wait! Looking forward to this workout!

Last week was memorable . . . our muscles didn’t forget!

Monday’s highlight was a crazy ladder squat workout, where we started at 30 squats, jumped to face the other way and did 29 squats, jumped 180 degrees again to do 28 and on and on it went. Everyone was amazing! It was a good time for a new boot camper . . . Welcome Kim! We were all still feeling our quads 3 days later.

Thursday was led by Lisa Schukei . . . here’s her take on the evening, “Fall is in the air, so our workout was a tribute to back-to-school and the best fall sport of all – football! We started with a skipping warm-up – who knew skipping could work up such a sweat – followed by a ‘duck,duck,goose like workout that involving planks-windmills & burpees.  Kelly wins the kangaroo award for the highest burpee jumps!  It was great to see the friendly competition between the two large groups.It was even greater listening to everyone encourage and cheer each other on. Next was our football drill – sprints and more burpees and lastly our cheerleader drill – more sprints and starfish jump squats.  Whew! Our quads, hammies and abs took a beating!

Great commentary Lisa S. and you did an outstanding job of leading this crazy group!

It’s Coming . . . We’re Coming

To Essex Jct. that is. Pass the word . . .

Starting Tuesday, September 11, Boot Camp with LSD & Co. will serve the community of Essex Jct. on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. Please register by going to www.ejrp.org or call 878-1375.

Essex Junction, VT**

Tuesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm at Albert D. Lawton (ADL) school

Saturday mornings, 7:00-8:00am at the Aspire Studio

ADL: Meet at the school entrance (As of the end of Sept., classes will start inside due to darkness)

Aspire Studio: Meet in studio, but be ready for the outside! (Directions to Aspire: http://binged.it/PUMTJQ)

Price per Class: Comes to $7.00 a person per session or $9.00 a person with a punch card; FREE for participants under 18 years old; register through the Essex Junction Recreation & Parks at http://www.ejrp.org/

Power Prep and Process

Vegetarian Cheeseburger Cauliflower

If you haven’t done this in a while, now is the time to start to get back into the groove of preparing bulk foods for your family. Whether you have children or not, being caught without the right choices is leading ingredient of high stress, high sugar/crap intake!Remember, there’s all type of resources around you: neighbors, relatives (your great-grandmother knew/knows how to prepare a lot of food at once :-); fellow 100 Day Challengers; websites . . . if you seek it, you’ll find it!

Here’s a great website for busy families: http://onceamonthmom.com/

Zombie Run For Your Lives! is Coming on Oct. 20

John Seaman did this Zombie run in Boston this past year. Now, it’s coming to Essex, VT. Form teams of up to 5 or register as an individual. There’s already one LSD team of 5. Form others and you’ll receive an LSD shirt! The tag line for this one will say, “Boot Camp with LSD  We’re trippin’ over zombies!”

Here’s the website to check it out: http://zombierun.com/


2 responses to “Week of September 2, 2012

  1. Karen Gissendanner

    I am SO doing this!!!!!!

  2. Zombie run looks very appealling.

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