Week of August 19, 2012

Schedule Change

Thursday, August 23 6:30-7:30pm will be changed to Wednesday, August 22 6:30-7:30pm. There is the BFA-Fairfax Open House and many of you will not be available to work, so there was a request to move days this week. See you Monday and Wednesday this week. Yes, we’ll have class on Labor Day (it’s a day for labor/workouts). No big deal if you’re running the 5k Fun Run in Cambridge. You’ll have plenty of time to rest before 6:30 pm.

Expanding Instructors

I’m excited to announce that we are expanding this unique boot camp community experience and training a few new instructors you all know and love. I’ve been thinking about bringing in one or two more instructors. However, the choice to involve other instructors is not easy because the idea of change is hard for many people–which can lead to uneasy feelings, and that’s what we DON’T want. We want you to always enjoy the boot camp experience.  Therefore, I wanted to ensure they were already part of your fitness community. The two people also are respected, intense, funny and energetic, plus they both showed an interest in leading and teaching others. The additional instructors can also mitigate changes to the schedule; however, this Thursday is the exception:-) The good news is, if my children are ill, I’m traveling, or other obligations, you can feel confident that class will still take place with another energetic instructor.

Between now and Sept 10, you’ll see them lead a few classes with myself present. Starting the week of Sept. 10, we’ll set our rotation in motion. I’m going to be in Fairfax at least one day each week.

Now, to introduce the two new instructors . . . . drum roll please . . . .

Paula Coli

My name is Paula. I live in Westford with my husband, 17 yr. old son and 13yr. old daughter. I own my own small cleaning business, working a pretty physical job.
My fitness journey began in April 2009. I had my yearly physical and was shocked to discover that I had gained 21 lbs. since my last physical, 16 mos earlier! How? When? Where did that come from???!!!!  I decided I was going to do something about it! I was also recovering from a shattered ankle and surgery that happened in January that year! From that very moment on, I decided I was going to change some things! I started to be more aware of the things I ate, drank more water and put on my sneakers and started walking every morning with out fail!!
A friend of mine told me about a boot camp class being offered twice a week in Fairfax. On May 7th, 2009 I attended my very first boot camp class with Lisa Durocher, LSD. It was so difficult! I felt I would never be able to do the things that everyone else in the class was doing; but I never gave up! I kept showing up every Monday and Thursday night. Even though everyone in the class was so much further ahead than I was “fitness wise”, I kept trying and trying! It wasn’t easy, but everyone in the class was so supportive and encouraging! I kept showing up twice a week! Faces changed, people came and went, new people joined in. Some of the originals are still there right along with me. I see myself in all the newbies and really want them to know that we all started somewhere and was a newbie too at one time!
My biggest advice to someone just starting out is do not get discouraged!…Keep on, Keeping on!. It happens over time, be persistent! Before you know it…You’re the one cheering on yesterday’s you, the  new one beginning boot camp!
The most important thing about starting an excising regiment isn’t just starting…It’s looking back 2, 3, 4 + years later and noticing that you’re still there! Challenging yourself at being your best! I have made some of the best life long friendships thru boot camp class. We are all striving for the same thing and are very supportive of one another. I am so thankful to have met Lisa Durocher at LSD boot camp. It has changed my life in so many ways!…. for the better!

I believe everyone should have a boot camp family!….I love mine!!…… And so it is!

Lisa Schukei

I am a mother of 3 teenage boys and work full time at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  I started Lisa’s Fitness Boot Camp in the summer of 2010.  My hope was to get myself in better shape and improve my running pace.  Both had slipped when I took a desk job 2 years earlier.  It was sore going at first.  What kept me coming back?  Lisa’s positive energy & encouragement to challenge myself, as well as, the camaraderie of the group; some of the participant’s comments are just so funny as we grunt through the workout!  10 months later, not only did I shave 2 minutes off my running pace, I lost 25lbs & developed muscles I never knew I had.  The biggest change occurred when I participated in the 100 Day Challenge (I highly recommend it!).  I am excited to have the opportunity to motivate others to achieve their fitness best. Let’s move people!

50 Day Challenge

New Location: Essex Junction

Essex Junction, VT**

Tuesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm and Saturday mornings, 7:00-8:00am at the Albert D. Lawton school.

Go to the Locations & Schedule page for details and how to register.


First, a big shout out to the boot campers who ran in this relay. Lisa S., Jen O., Courtney B., Amy B., and Jen D.
The 100on100 Relay is a team based distance running experience. The event starts early in the morning and most participants finish between 8:30 PM-10:30 PM. The total distance is 100 miles and the course primarily follows scenic route 100. Our course displays all the angles Vermont has to offer from small towns and farms, to mountains and lakes. This event serves as a charity fundraiser for Vermont based youth charities that promote active and healthy lifestyles in support of self-esteem development.

Here are comments from some of the team members to give us a feeling of the event.

We all rocked! The best quote, and I am stealing from Courtney, was: “The only thing stupider than this is the fact that we’re already planning next year!” I learned that running in the dark can be peacful, scary and makes you run really fast!!! I ran with a bunch of fantastic women, all very smart and super motivating! I must say Lisa Schukei is one of the best cheerleaders around, she keeps you moving! As the side of our van said :” Our mascara runs faster than we do!” and the back of the van “We are 100 miles Strong!” We absolutely were! Jen O was like a sprinter out there! She was amazing! Jen D. just kept on running, she did the longest lengths with a total over 18, including running up part of Killington Mountain! Steph was the quiet, strong runner that tackled many, many hills! Lisa was the cheerleader who also ran like a sprinter! Courtney was absolutely the team coordinator/motivator, she kept me running on several occasions. She is super strong and blew through a massive hill on her first leg! I am so proud of all of us, we ran our butts off and had a blast, the atmosphere and the transition areas were so laid back and fun, I can’t say enough about how amazing the day was!

I will say running in the heat of the day down a long stretch of Rt. 100 was eye opening, Hurricane Irene did a number on the southern part of the state. Vermonters are super strong and the rebuilding has been fantastic (I don’t think I will complain about the state of 128 anymore!).

I guess we are hooked and will be at it again next year

I would have to say that what stands out in my mind is not only were we amazed with each other, I think we were all pretty amazed and proud of ourselves. Events like this really prove what strong, motivated women we are. The team morale was at an all time high and we encouraged one another constantly. We laughed, talked, ate and RAN! It was just an all around awesome experience!

Vermonster Obstacle Challenge

Sunday, Aug 26th: The Vermonster Obstacle Race

Not too late to register! Kids and Us!

Kids: 6-12 years old  boys and girls – 1 lap modified course lap top 3 podium girls and top 3 boys
13-17-One class boys and girls, 2 laps then top 3 podium girls and top 3 boys
Recreational classes:
“Weekend warriors” or folks that just want to have fun and a shorter day of racing. Divided into Women’s and Men’s classes.
Open Classes:
Advanced athletes looking to compete – they will have a 2 lap race, a 1 lap race then a small percentage of the field with the lowest combined times will advance to a 1 lap final where they will all have to compete with  a sandbag. Mens and Womens classes.
Even though you compete as an individual, there will be a team class for best overall team(s). You put your team name down the day of the event and we will compile overall team standings to decide the top 3 teams

Obstacle Challenge Prices:

  • Adult – $40 ($50 after August 8th)
  • Teen 13 to 17 – $15
  • Kids 6 to 12 – $10

50 Day Challenge . . . Challenge Yourself the Best you can BE!!

This program will run from Sept 17th to Nov 5th.  What a great time and an even better way to get ready for the holidays!  The kids will be back in school, so then it is time for you to challenge yourself to be the best you can be!

This 50 Day Challenge is a nutrition and fitness program with guaranteed results! We have always done 100 Day programs but we recognize your busy schedules over the holidays so we want to let you give 50 Days a chance! There is nothing like this in your area! No shakes, no meal replacements . . . real food. No fancy fitness routines . . . real movement.

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