Week of July 22, 2012

Summer Schedule Update

I have some great news! Instead of 20 days included in the Summer Special, I changed it to 24 days. Read closely though about the few changes:

  1. YES, there is class Mon, Wed and Thurs this week (week of July 23)
  2. No class on Wednesday, August 1 (but there will be class on Thurs, Aug 2)
  3. The last Wednesday early morning class is August 8, which is the last day of the Summer Session.
  4. August 9 starts the regular season (sounds like football, eh?)

Our First Boot Camp Baby is on its Way!

Chelsea Metayer announced that her and Lance are expecting! She’s 3 months along. Now you all know why she’s been slowing down (only a little) and not doing sit-ups. This baby is going to come out ready for burpees! I can just picture the boot camp baby shower. Congratulations Chelsea and Lance, we are incredibly happy for both of you!

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Camper Updates

We have so many remarkable people in the boot camp community. Shelly Pottala is one of them. She’s the founder and organizer of the Art in Bloom Festival, that benefits the BFA-Fairfax Nordic Ski program. It was a wonderful event, full of good energy, great people, music and laughter. It was the perfect place to be on Saturday. Congratulations for putting on such a unique and feel-good event!

Lynn Finn’s little Meghan (we’ll now call her Meghan the Machine) is an official boot camper. She came to more than one class and has made it to the very end every time! She complete 14 rounds of last Thursday’s workout–she tied with Tommy.

It was also great to have my brother attend Monday’s class. He lives in LA and we only get to see each other once a year. My sister was married on July 13, so my entire family was together for a week. It was a really wonderful time. Too bad CA is soooo far away . . . I wouldn’t mind living there, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Congratulations to Jackie O and Jennifer M for running in the Stowe 8 Miler. Jennifer D another boot camper who we haven’t seen in a while J, also participated in the hot, humid race. You girls deserve a lot of credit because from what I’ve heard, the course is tough and the weather is always sweltering.

Art and Celeste’s excellent adventures in Iceland . . . The only thing I’ve heard is that they’re both doing push-ups on their trip. That’s it! So, let me give you a few pieces of information on Iceland for your reading pleasure: Today’s weather is 62 degrees, mostly cloudy. At night, it’s in the mid to upper 40s.  Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. 71.7% of all energy used in Iceland is produced from own resources. 53.9% of all energy needs in Iceland are met by geothermal energy production (hot springs), while 17.8% off all energy needs are met by hydro-electric production, which comes from the big waterfalls. An international study done in 2006 ranked Iceland as the “Fourth Happiest Nation” in the world. Iceland was the last European country to be settled—sometime during the 9th or 10th centuries when Scandanavian sailors discovered it. Icelandic, a North Germanic language, is descended from Old Norse and is closely related to Faroese and some West Norwegian dialects. ………..Safe travels Art and Celeste!

Injured Reserve List

Nikki Wells: Her knee replacement surgery went well last week. Here’s a brief update from her Facebook page, “Total knee replacement surgery Tuesday went well, I was back home by Thursday afternoon. Slept pretty much the rest of Thursday and mostly Friday . . .” She started PT right away and has had some “real fun” with that. Here’s more, “I tell the nurse I want off the one with 12-15 letters in it and I start to feel better right away. My 4:00 pt session is so much better, we start with walking around the nurses station with a walker, and i get “rock star” status…..ahhhhhhh the simple things. More to come….when i get my staples removed. Tune in :-).” Knowing Nikki, she’ll be running hills quicker than the PT people would’ve ever imagined! Stop by and hang with us Nikki when you’re able to! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Robin Chapman: After a water skiing tumble, she’s slowly healing. My goodness, I saw Robin at the Art in Bloom Festival and her black and blues on her leg were still prominent! But knowing Robin, she’ll be back the moment she walks somewhat normal J–she’s a tough woman. Hope to see you soon!

Amber Walsh: I saw her at softball and is still nursing a lumbar injury sustained while playing softball. She misses everyone and is anxious to get back in the groove. As you all know, she’s developed into an amazingly strong woman. Miss you Amber!

Laura Gorsky: She’s back!!! Another one with a softball injury, Laura sprained her ankle during a game. But she came back last week and didn’t miss a beat!!

Rebecca Gill: She’s been on our IR the longest. After a fall while hiking, she had knee surgery. It takes a while for it to heal. She’s been keeping in contact with everyone on Facebook and is making a nice recovery. Can’t wait to have you back Rebecca!

Donna Liberty: She’s also back!!! Recovered from foot surgery, she came back last Thursday. She had Paula C fooled, because Thursday before boot camp, she call Paula and told her that she fell and broke her wrist. Paula told me just before boot camp started and we just couldn’t believe the rotten luck . . . then Donna shows up with a big smile on her face . . . no broken wrist, she just wanted to pull one over on Paula—it worked! You’re a good liar Donna!!

Hmmmm, is that it? I hope so.

Final Announcements

Don’t forget that a 50 Day Challenge to prep people for the holidays is scheduled to start mid-September. Without much advertising, we already have a handful who are committed. Go to 100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com for more information. If you’re interested or have questions, just let me know.

Annual Egg Run (5k or 10k, plus a kids run) is scheduled for Saturday, August 4. I will be out of town, but there’s typically a ton of boot campers who take part in this event. You register by going to the Fairfax Parks & Recreation site: http://www.fairfaxrecreation.com/eggrun.html

One response to “Week of July 22, 2012

  1. Congrats to Lance and Chelsea! Such great, positive news!

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