Week of 4/15

Weekly Review and Schedule Updates

Don’t forget that next week, classes are Thursday (4/26) and Friday (4/27) (yes, back to back). I’m at a national competition with five high school students.

Jump ropes were ordered last week. Should receive them this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday was a pacemaker night that left our bodies sore from head to toe leading into Wednesday’s class, which then forced us to work out brain and our body. In teams of three, we played cards. There was a multiplier picked from the deck (a 10! to start with), then each team picked a card to multiply that number by the 10. The Ace was worth 20! Yes, Art did pick the Ace! So for Art’s team, they had to multiply 20×10 to determine the number of reps for the 3 exercises. In the end, they performed 600 reps, then ran the perimeter of the baseball field. Also, each card had a question that the group had to answer. For instance, how can you reach a total of 100 using only six nines? Amber and Celeste solved this one . . . they’re math wizards!

Results of the March Recipe Vote

PUMPKIN PANCAKES was the crowd favorite! You can thank Amber Walsh for the tasty recipe. Also, thank you to Paula M., Jen M., and Paula C. for preparing and sharing truly yummy recipes!  Kale Chips, Spinach Fritada, and Granola Bars. Amber, I’ll bring t-shirts with me so you can pick one that fits you.

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May Challenge

We all love challenges. We did push-ups in January, healthy recipe sharing in March, now let’s see who’s up for this May Challenge!

Every day, 2x a day: push-ups to failure and 100 sit-ups. For example: you wake up and do push-ups to failure and roll on your back and pump out 100 sit-ups. In the evening, you again do push-ups to failure, then the 100 sit-ups (or you can do the 100 sit-ups first). Don’t break up the sit-ups throughout the day (such as 20 here and 20 there). This should take 5-10 minutes each time, so 10-20 minutes out of your day . . . no biggie! Tracking?? All I want to know is your push-up number on day 1 and then on 31. For example: you did 23 modified the morning of May 1, then did 20 regular on May 31. Note: Sit-ups can be any way you like them!

Are you in?  If so, enter your name in this google spreadsheet.


Events to Remember

Renegade Playground: 11 Going . . . who else? June 9

When you register, pick the Boot Camp with LSD team. The 11 am wave is sold out, so I’m in the 11:20 wave. Jump off your lily pad and get dirty!


5K Rescue Run on 5/12


60 Minutes: Reminding Mainstream America about the Sugar Blues

Is Sugar Toxic?


Sugar and Kids: The Toxic Truth


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