Week of March 18, 2012

Week in Review (plus schedule change)

Yes! What a week we had. We all love, love, love the outdoors. We were caged animals let free and we couldn’t stop running uphill, downhill, sprinting, jumping. I don’t know about you, but my hip flexors are sore from the sprinting. It’s great to always see new faces . . . Barb, Brent, Jamie, & Julia. Another great week for weather is ahead . . . means more outdoor fun (yes, I know you think it’s outdoor torture). See you tomorrow.

Sunday fun run/walk takes place at 3pm in Fairfax up from Foothills Bakery at the brick church. Park in the back of the church. Do the 5k, 10k, bring your kids, dogs, bikes, kids on bikes, dogs on bikes, kids on dogs, dogs on bikes, whatever, let’s get everyone in the house out and about.

Don’t forget that next week, class will be held on Monday and Wednesday (March 26 & 28), not Thursday, March 29 (I’m at a student conference). Please remind others.

March’s Challenge: The Recipe!

Bring in healthy dishes for us to try in the month of March. The tastiest recipe (that means healthy too) voted by you will win a Boot Camp with LSD shirt. So far Paula M will win the shirt by default since she’s the only one who brought in something. However, I know Amber is working on an idea and of course, I’ll bring in one too.

June Challenge: Thanks Betty B. for Putting this Out There. Let’s Do It!!!

Looking for a fun, group challenge? A mud-run that’s not too crazy?Nno you won’t get zapped by electricity. Betty Benson spoke with someone in Essex who did the Renegade Playground Challenge and said it was fun, not over-the-top challenging. It’s the idea of a group of people working through the obstacles together. ALL of you can do this challenge, yes ALL of you. It’s June 9 in Stratton, VT. Look at the website and you’ll see pictures of all ages and abilities. WHO’S IN??


Jump Rope Orders

Like my jump rope, eh?? Now you can get your own and stop using mine! Earn 10% off the price of a customized, high-end jump rope from Rx Jump Ropes. Average retail price is $34.95 plus shipping.

Pick your color: http://store.rxjumpropes.com/categories/Solid-Series/

Place your order here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiYlUFL8cIAIdG1SMzRtdUJJc3Z3c2c1MXN5LS1Pd3c

5k Sap Run in Fairfax March 31

Judy Hayes is part of a group putting together a Fairfax Sap run here at the school on 3/31.  Do it competitively, do it for fun, do it to benefit charity!

Contact Judy if you wish to volunteer at: nrw2@myfairpoint.net
Sap Run 3/31/12 at 10:00.  5K trail/road run starting at the High School.  Register either on active.com or Friday night, 3/30/12 in the high school lobby between the hours of 5-7

The course: Starting at the over flow parking go down Hunt street to the end and back, go through the bus garage drive way and take a left onto the trails.  Once on the trails, take left onto first bridge and left over second bridge.  Follow winding trail back to double bridge.  Go left up the hill.  Near the top of the hill you take the trail on your left and do the outer loop.  As you go down the trail from the outer loop take a quick left over the bridge.  You will come to the field by the housing units.  Take a right down the field.  When you enter the woods take the second left down a winding trail, over a bridge and back to the field above the school.  Take the trail that brings you down through the field toward the school.  Take left up the sliding hill, through the maze, down the hill to the finish line.

Love this Guy from Eating Rules: A Quick Primer on Trans Fat

Andrew Wilder: http://www.eatingrules.com/2011/01/about-trans-fat/

Firstly let’s start off with some basic information about fat.

What we call “fat,” scientists call “triglycerides.” A triglyceride is made up of three fatty acids plus one glycerol. A glycerol is a bunch of carbons, hydrogens and oxygens attached together. A fatty acid is a long chain of carbons and hydrogens. It basically looks like this:

As you can see, triglycerides are molecularly created to stack together neatly. Triglycerides float around in your bloodstream and pack tightly together and glom onto your arteries, making it more difficult for your blood to pump through your body.

Pretty icky, right?

Now let’s talk about trans fat, also known as partially hydrogenated oil, also known as hydrogenated vegetable oil, also known as shortening.

Trans fat is made by taking an unsaturated oil*, like soybean or vegetable oil, and adding hydrogen atoms to it. These fats are considered by the food industry as stable and give processed foods a longer shelf life. Similar to saturated fats, trans fats also stack neatly together in your arteries creating that arterial plaque.

Nowadays trans fat is found in commercially prepared or prepackaged foods. Remember when reading food labels look for all those A.K.A.s I listed above.

* Unsaturated fats do not stack neatly together; that’s why they are called “healthy” fats.

Andrew’s Note: Unsaturated oils are generally liquid at room temperature, while saturated fats are solid. In addition to making them stable and increasing the shelf life, as Mary mentioned, hydrogenation also changes the texture of unsaturated oil so that it becomes solid or semi-solid at room temperature. Margarine is the classic example of this. Originally, people thought it was healthier than butter, since we were starting with the “healthy” unsaturated fats, but now, we’ve learned that trans fats are far worse for us than saturated fats.


One response to “Week of March 18, 2012

  1. I want to participate in the Renegade Race…is anyone else doing it? Is anyone interested in making a team??

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