Week of March 11, 2011

Looking Ahead

Be prepared to run outside. Hurray! We have more daylight!
Remember, Boot Camp on March 29, is moved to Wednesday, March 28.

Week in Review

On Monday, we benchmarked standard movements, added 1-minute burpees as another benchmark, started the 100 Day Challenge and had a visit from Celeste and Art’s son from Utah. It’s great to have boot campers bring their out-of-town family/guests to class. It means a lot to everyone! Thursday was a “pace-maker” workout, where each person took turns keeping the pace. We welcomed new boot camper and 100 Day Challenger, Diane R. We also welcomed back a former 100 Day Challenger, Sue W.–it was nice to have you back.

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Jump Ropes

I now have the Boot Camp discount code for the jump rope you all love (mine!). I need to place a bulk order in order to apply the discount. All I need is her height, then we can customize it according to cable thickness and colors. I’ll prepare a spreadsheet to place an order next week. Here’s a video from the owner: http://www.eatingrules.com/2012/02/words-ruined-by-big-food/

March Challenge

You know that saying, “see a need, fill a need?” Well, this month’s challenge is, “pick a food, prepare a food.” The anticipation of spring starts to shift our bodies out of the “comfort food” mode. So why not start with experimenting with new foods for you and your family.  Here’s the challenge:
1. Select a food that’s not normally on your shopping list.
2. Find a recipe that sounds good to you (ingredients need to off the “Dirty Dozen” list)
3. Bring it in for a taste test.
4. Everyone will rate the dish.
5. The dish with the best ratings at the end of the month will win a LSD Boot Camp t-shirt.
***Bring the dish any one of the boot camp nights. Bring the recipe or email it to me so I can post it to the boot camp blog.

Jen M. and Helen H., please, please bring in your dishes you made for the 100 Day Challenge celebration dinner. I personally love spinach and latkes w/ sweet potato (not white ones).

Food Tricks

Remember last week’s post about 100% Whole grain? If it says this . . . don’t eat it! If you’re really serious about your eating choices, pass these by.     “Flour”
“Wheat Flour”
“Enriched Wheat Flour”
“Refined Flour”
“White Flour”
“Made with whole grain(s)”
“100% wheat”
“Cracked wheat”

Next, another food trick that you see is “Wholesome”
The Editor of Eating Rules has this to say . . .


I’m going to use the Quaker Oats product line as an example here (since PepsiCo is my arch-nemesis); next time you’re at the grocery store I bet you can easily find a ton of similar products.

Right at the top of the Quaker Oats website, it says “Wholesome goodness in delicious new ways.” So let’s talk about that “wholesome goodness” Quaker offers. Sure, their unadulterated, plain oats would fit the definition wholesome (“promoting health of body,” according to Merriam-Webster). But the rest of the product line (which is the vast majority of what they sell)? Not so much.

Consider for a moment their “Quaker Oatmeal To Go” bars. Sure, the first ingredient is oats. The second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. The third is brown sugar, and a little further down you’ll find plain white sugar. Odds are high that there’s more sugar than oats in the bar. And then there’s the margarine, made from partially hydrogenated oils, which means it’s got trans fats in it, which have no safe intake limit. Oh, and they also throw in preservatives, artificial color, natural flavors (ahem–also meaningless) and artificial


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