Week of February 26

Schedule Updates

  1. Yes, we have class during February break. M & TH from 6:30 – 7:30pm
  2. March 8th (class is in the Elementary Gym)
  3. Changing March 29th to March 28th (a Wednesday)

Chop-squats, pace-makers, frog jumps...funny names, but serious movement...oh, forgot push-up til you puke, a crowd favorite

This captures what movement is all about...doesn't matter your age or shoe size---just moooove!

The vision of creating fit’n healthy communities is in full swing. There are so many people hungry for new, exciting, and challenging activities that build healthier and stronger families and friendships.  That hunger was fed with three events in February.  The fall/winter 100 Day Challenge ended and the Chocolate Run and Yoga Retreat celebrated its inaugural success. Below is a picture of the Boot Campers who participated in the Chocolate Run and a recap of the Yoga Retreat. Keep feeding your hunger, keep moving . . .

Another 100 Day Challenge begins March 5th!!

…So sign up today!

This program will run from March 5th to June 12th.  What a great time and an even better way, to get ready for the summer!

Being healthy and fit is for life!  It’s not short-term, it’s not long-term, it’s LIFE-TERM . . . that’s making the decision to learn how to live healthier for yourself and your family. This LIFE-TERM decision is the same messaging you’ve instilled in your children.  You tell your child to make good choices, work hard, don’t give up, and set goals. You help them celebrate their successes, learn from their mistakes, navigate external influences, push them to try harder, and understand how their body is changing. You want them to engage in healthy relationships and healthy habits. Our goal is to have a happy, healthy child. There shouldn’t be much difference in what you want you want for yourself and for your child.  Raising a happy, healthy child is life long process, just as your goals for yourself are.

The 100 Day Challenge is a nutrition and fitness program with guaranteed results! There is nothing like this in your area! No shakes, no meal replacements . . . real food. No fancy fitness routines . . . real movement.

Challenge yourself this fall to be the healthiest you, for you and your family.  Optimal health involves eating well and moving well! We are here to help!

Boot Campers at the First Annual Chocolate Run in Fairfax

Relax & Renew Women’s yoga retreat

by Lonnie Poland

Everyone had a fantastic time during the 1st annual Relax & Renew Women’s Yoga Retreat. It was attended by an amazing group of 12 women. We stretched, relaxed, played, laughed and meditated. We became grounded and rooted allowing for expansion and new possibilities. We hiked in the sunshine, breathed in fresh air, ate fantastic vegetarian meals, and bonded around the woodstove while savoring wine & dark chocolate fondue (with lots of fresh fruit)….OM….all relaxed & renewed!

Rave reviews for the Common Ground Center. Truly an outstanding non-profit recreation and retreat center.


the two articles below are directly from Eating Rules

(Thank you Lonnie for turning me on to this site)

Cooking oil comparison chart

You already know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for you. But what do you choose when it’s time to branch out and try something new? There are a lot of cooking oils out there, and many have misleading health claims on the label. It can be a bit overwhelming when you walk down the oil aisle in the store.

Some oils are very healthful, others not so much — and for different reasons. How do you know what’s really important when choosing a cooking oil? And how do you keep track of them all?

Why, with The Cooking Oil Comparison Chart, of course!                                 Cooking-Oil-Comparison-Chart_02-21-12

We’ve created a one-page, printable PDF that you can take with you to the grocery story (or stick up on your fridge), that will help guide you through the labyrinth of oils.

We focused on two main factors, healthfulness and temperature-sensitivity, since some oils lose their health benefits when heated. Using a grid that makes it easy to see where each oil falls on the spectrum, you’ll be able to tell at a glance which oils to use for your salad, and which to use for your next stir-fry — and which oils to avoid altogether. We’ve also included some secondary details about each oil, along with some important pitfalls to watch out for.

The Smoothie Flowchart

See, the tricky thing about smoothies is that there are infinite possibilities.  It can be overwhelming for even the coolest of heads out there. Print it out, stick it on your fridge, and may it bring you many blenders’ worth of smoothie inspiration.



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