Week of February 12, 2012

Week in Review

Monday night started off with the “string” comment . . . so then from there it was just laughter and sweat! Broke out the agility ladders on Thursday (thanks for the suggestion Laura). We were able to use them as a torture tool with our large group. We welcomed more boot campers who performed tremendously well!! One new boot camper was the mascot for BFA-Fairfax (we couldn’t let him leave without a group picture–see in the gallery bel0w.)

Boot Camp Discounts, Etc.

If you shop at New Balance in Williston and tell them you’re with LSD Boot Camp in Fairfax, you’ll receive a 15% discount. If you want to participate in this weekend’s Chocolate Run, all boot campers are given a discount. Plus the Yoga Retreat hosted by Lonnie Poland is taking place this weekend. Speaking of Chocolate, for Valentine’s Day this year, ask your family to get you something that you can actually use . . . . like a day to yourself :-), a jump rope, a medicine ball, weights heavier than 5lbs, new workout clothes, new sneakers, winter running gear, water bottle, a gift certificate to Sweet Clover . . . there’s so many ideas besides the chocolate, oh and yes, the flowers (why? Those things wilt in a week 🙂 Okay, enough said on this topic.

Congratulations to the group who committed to NO SIMPLE CARBS for the month of February (they do get one day off–Valentine’s Day). See previous post for the outline of NO SIMPLE CARBS (and what to eat instead–there’s a link).

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100 Day Challenge–Starts March 5

Join the 100 Day Challenge, a nutrition and fitness program with guaranteed results.  There’s nothing like this in your area. The goal-oriented program runs March 5 – June 12, just in time for the busy summer. Boot Camp training takes place in Fairfax and access to your personal nutritionist is in-person and on-line. Receive discounts and prizes from local businesses and attend a celebration on the 100th day. Visit http://www.100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com or call 603-674-7249 or 802-849-6621 to register today. There’s nothing to lose, but weight.

Here’s some comments from recent Challengers: “This was the first day of the rest of my life.” “Thank you, you changed my life.” “I always knew diet alone or exercise alone was not enough. Now I have been supplied with the knowledge to blend the two.” “I’m delighted that my family is eating all of this wonderful food as well.” “You have given me the tools and my tool bag is full.  I’m using those tools and I am seeing results.”

Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

An infographic laying out the surprising science behind why carbs make you fat, while fat doesn’t

One of the most utterly surprising scientific findings of recent decades has got to be that fat isn’t so bad for you after all. (Apart from, you know, potentially bringing on serious heart conditions.) In fact, if you’re looking for a reason for America’s ballooning girth, you’ve got to lay the blame on carbohydrates–in other words, bread and pasta, the very things that the government once advertised as the foundation of a healthy diet in the food pyramids we all grew up with.

The funny thing is, though, that those low-carb diets, at this point, probably feel like another fad. The Atkins rage came and passed, after all. So it’s worth recounting the science behind how carbs make you fat, and it’s all laid out in this infographic created by Column Five for Massive Health, and based on Why We Get Fat by noted science writer Gary Taubes.

The first panel illustrates some basic food science that I’ll bet you didn’t know in much detail. Namely, the long chain of events that leads to you porking up:

The biggest culprits seem to be carbs. But does reining in carbs actually make you skinnier? Yes: Even compared with traditional calorie restriction diets, low-carb regimes like the Atkins diet make you lose far more weight while keeping calories the same. Decreasing fat, meanwhile, does nothing to lower your weight:But what’s so wrong with carbs themselves? In short, they cause our insulin levels to go haywire, and that, in turn, causes our cells to pull in more fat:

It’s crazy enough that carbs, long thought to be pure and wholesome for so many years, turn out to be the devil--especially since it just seemed to make so much sense that eating fat would make you fat. With that in mind, you’ve got to wonder how many surprises science still holds for us when it comes to food.

Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1668916/pasta-not-bacon-makes-you-fat-but-how

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