Week of 8/28

Week in Review

The sky at night has been amazing! We’ve seen rainbows and breathtaking sunsets. At the same time, we’ve been doing workouts that are breathtaking, sweat-making, and heart-pounding. Read below for a great piece on pushing yourself during a workout. Is your ass on fire? Are you at a plateau, perhaps you’ll need to review your intensity levels.

Classes are the same this week (Mon and Thur, 6:30-7:30pm). We’ll remain outside until we run out  of daylight.

100 Day Challenge

Spaces are filling up. If you know of anyone who’s wanting to enter the Challenge, please have them contact me. Here’s the website: http://100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com/

Boot Cancer

This is the month to sign-up as a competitor (individual or with a partner). You can also register as a volunteer. Go to bootcancer.org for details and registration.

NOTE: For some reason, we’re really short on t-shirt sponsors . . . to date, I have ZERO!  If you collected $100.00 from people/sponsors last year, can you please call them as soon as possible? Also, please let me know if we have new people/companies wanting to be a $100.00 sponsor. If you want to send or print details of the event, below is a poster and here’s the link to a fundraising packet (with tax ID information and sponsorship details). Fundraising Packet

Is Your Ass on Fire?

“Then suddenly it dawns on me: For all my treadmill time at the gym, I have not been working out intensely on my own — not at all. I try to recall the last time I achieved failure (baking/ a souffle maybe?) and can’t come up with anything,” said a reporter for Fitness Magazine testing the validity of the “Biggest Loser” style workouts (link to interview is below).

The good news for you is, if you’re reading this, more than likely you’re a boot camper who understands the need for intensity and pushing yourself. This interview brings to light the benefits of doing just one more burpee, squeezing in a few more push-ups, and running a little faster. As a trainer said in the interview, you must workout like your “Ass is on Fire”!! Enjoy the read.


Recipe Blog from a Mom, a Husband, an Athlete

There is a real down-to-earth, generous, gritty, girl, Jen Grant, who lives in the NEK. She’s a mom, a wife and a mover . . . she mountain bikes, does boot camp, competed in Boot Cancer and recently did the Spartan Race in Killington.

Check out her recipes, love the granola and meatballs . . . http://fuelingyourbody.wordpress.com/


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