Week of August 7, 2011

Egg Run

No, it’s not carrying an egg on a spoon (that’s what my children first thought). The Egg Run is a 5k and 10k that benefits the Fairfax Parks & Recreation Department.

Lisa and Kevin, 10K Medalists


  • 5K course is flat and is out and back to the Fairfax Falls dam, appealing to recreational runners and walkers out for fun, or to speedsters seeking a personal best.
  • 10K course continues past the dam over a small hill, followed by a flat stretch past pretty River Berry Farm, up a small hill and back to Chafee Road, to Sheperdson Hollow Road, into shady wooded hills, then back to the start.

I want to recognize the Boot Campers who took on this challenge. It’s so uplifiting to see everyone get stronger and gain endurance. Let’s see, there were the 10k runners: Kevin, Lisa and Chelsea. All 3 posted impressive times. Kevin and Lisa received medals for their age category. The 5k runners were: Kelli, Paula, Betty, Amanda, Lynn, Dana, Carma, Jill, Megan, Nikki, Lyndsey, Doreen, and Randie (who ran her first 5k). Congratulations to you all! What’s your next challenge?

Click here for Egg Run Results

Week in Review & Schedule

Sadly, last week was the last early morning Wednesday class.  My summer comes to an end around the second week in August. Looking forward to next year’s am classess and coffee talks.

This week there’s class as usual, Mon and Thur from 6:30-7:30pm. The week of the 15th is when I’ll be off (however, I may be back for a Thursday class. I’ll know more by next week’s post.)

Take a look at pics from last week. In the heat, we tackled the “Green Monster”; in the fog, we raced our chariots; and on the baseball diamond, the team who scored the most points won zuccini (thank you Nikki and Lyndsey)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Questions for you . . .

Power Cooking, Make your life easier!

Power cooking is preparing bulk meals in one day. You’ll prepare enough meals for one to possibly two weeks, depending on your family size. With school starting, our family schedules will quickly swell, therefore, cooking healthy for our families sometimes takes a back seat because we’re in such a hurry. WARNING! Don’t grocery shop and try to power cook in one day . . . trust me, it’s too much stress!   

Here’s a link to some recipes that uses chicken in 5 different ways.  These recipes are from Pampered Chef, so they reference their tools quite a bit.

If you Power Cook, please share what you prepare!! 

Link to Power Cooking Chicken Recipes


2 responses to “Week of August 7, 2011

  1. Randie Fontaine

    I used to say I hated running. After yesterday’s Egg Run, the thrill of being with all those great runners and the friendships I have made through bootcamp, I can’t say I hate running anymore. What an experience that was yesterday, I even ran into one of my cousins that I haven’t seen in about 20 years and doesn’t even live in this state. Thank you to all my friends for the encouragement you gave me yesterday….YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just updated this week’s post with a pic of Kevin and Lisa, 10k medalists. Congrats to everyone! We created quite the fitness family! Like Randie said, the friendships and support are helping all of us reach new limits once thought to be out of reach. Thank you!

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