Week of July 24, 2011

Heading into the last day of summer. August is a busy time for everyone, but remember to still find time for yourself, your family, pets and partners will like you better:-)  Yes, even with a blindfold on…don’t ask…

As promised, here’s a few videos from the last two Mini Camps to Boot Cancer. Champlain Valley CrossFit was the host site for the July 16 partner workout: Perform 400m Run, 100 Dumbbell Push Press 45#M/30#F, 125 Box Jumps 24”M/18”F, 150 Air Squats, 125 Abmat Sit-ups, 100 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 45#M/30#F, 400m Run

From our group, Paula Coli and Dana Clark were partners. Then Sam Gillian and myself were partners. The weights were heavy, but like all workouts, we were allowed to scale the weights. The outcome was over 20 people and $215! Not all performance results were posted, therefore, we don’t have a list of times, but the times averaged 25-27 minutes. Check out the video of this workout: http://youtu.be/3jTx9UwBkZ8

The next day, I was in Lyndonville, where Ben’s Boot Camp was the host site. Ben just moved into new diggs and his place was air conditioned!!!! The workout was so tough, air condition didn’t help.

1. Kettlebell Super Deadlift (Kettlebell Deadlift with a jump at the top range of motion)
2. Valslide Army Crawls (cover distance of 15 feet equals one repetition)
3. Lateral Hop Burpees
4. Walking Goblet Squat (take a step and squat- repeat for entire time- front loaded with kettlebell or dumbbell)
5. Double Dumbbell Snatch
Due to an elbow injury, I opted out of the workout, but man-0-man, it looked tough. These people at Ben’s work every day with heavy kettlebells. Check out this video! http://youtu.be/cASGHHEY0Rc
The amount raised in Williston was $215 and Lyndonville raised $90. We sold one Concept2 Rower Raffle ticket for $10.00. So far we raised $999.00 in just Mini Camps!  Looking forward to finalizing Mini Camp dates for August.

Week in Review

This past week we obviously experienced severe heat; however, it was so pleased to see many boot campers this past Thursday. Yes, there was a heat advisory, however, we didn’t push it too hard with running. We really focused on body weight strengthening. Great effort everyone!  Your attendance officially certifies that you’re all insane…yay!
Before I get to Tuesday morning, Monday was packed with resistance running and wind sprints. The chariot racing was done in the parking lot, and at the same time another group was doing inch-worms, then tricep dips off of the curb. The class ended with wind-sprints and everyone witnessed one of my former high school students running like the wind. This girl, Angela Moreau, was a track and soccer star in high school and is going to college in Florida and
is trying out for the soccer team.
Now for this past Tuesday (early am), which I needed to change from Wed. to Tues. due to personal schedules, was a bust for me, but not for those who attended!!! I am embarrassed to say that my alarm clock went off, but without sound, so I didn’t get up until almost 6:30am, literally jumped out of bed, threw clothes and raced to the field and to my delight, you were all working out just fine without me!  You made the best of it, challenged yourself and committed to the grit of the workout! I’m so pleased with our community of movers and jumpers . . . you make being a part of this craziness so much fun and rewarding!

A Goal Poll

We talk a lot about goals . . . setting, planning, achieving, celebrating, and evaluating. We don’t usually share our personal goals with anyone. They’re usually set in our heads and we have a conscious discussion with ourselves; these highly important discussions are not typically shared with others. In our heads we set goals to lose weight, organize photos, paint a room, visit family more often (or less often), procrastinate less, clean the inside of our vehicle . . . BUT STOP!  It’s okay to tell others about your goals, in fact, it’s proven that a higher percentage of goals are achieved if they are shared and celebrated with others. So everyone, here’s your chance to share you Goal in a Poll (that only I can see). Feel free to post a comment to this blog if you want to share it with everyone, but if you don’t, complete the Goal Poll and let’s see where it leads you . . . I encourage you to take a moment and complete this Goal Poll Form . . .


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