Week of July 17, 2011

Week in Review

Last week was full of movement and soreness for many of us! The week ended with a back-to-back Mini Camp to Boot Cancer. The Saturday was held at Champlain Valley CrossFit in Williston and Sunday’s event was held at Ben’s Boot Camp in Lyndonville. I will post the results, pics and video later in the week. Thursday was the first day for the BFA-Fairfax football team. They’re interested in working with all of you on Thursdays as an addition to their conditioning. It was a large group and I appreciate everyone’s patience while the football team folds into to our group. You’re their role models…most of you outperformed the young ones in the conditioning drills.  Leading by example!!!

The Wednesday am group experience Death by Deck, where teams of two had to select a playing card each round and perform the number of reps that is reflected on the card. The Ace was 15 reps, face cards 10. There was only one lucky group who picked 2s, 3s and 5s; however, we made them do an extra round! In this picture, you can still see the cloud cover . . . it’s early, but it’s cool and you’re pumped for the day!

Monday was a team of two workout: 200m run, 100 squats, 200m, 100 pushups, 200m run, 100 hill climbers, 200m run, 100 lb swings…that was only part of Monday night’s fun! Everyone is working hard at conquering endurance drills and strength moves . . . you’re getting stronger and lasting longer!

Video of St. Albans Mini Camp

I was finally able to create a video of the athletes who competed in the June Mini Camp to Boot Cancer. In this you’ll see familiar faces . . . Paula, Carma, Jen V., Lisamarie, Lisa S., Adam, Max and moi! Dan, Nikki, Lyndsey, Gail, Rick and Joe were judges. Gus, Bonnie and Mariah joined the insanity! Thank you to Exposed with Mark Photography (www.exposedwithmark.com/) who captured the moments.  Here’s the video: http://youtu.be/mHWUwV_saaM

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