Week of June 26, 2011

Change to Boot Camp Schedule

Due to the July 4th holiday weekend. Here’s the boot camp schedule for this week and next week. Evening classes will be held this Monday (tomorrow) and Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm. The Wed. 5:45am class will take place as scheduled. There is no class on Monday, July 4th, but classes will be on Tues (July 5) and Thurs (July 7) at 6:30-7:30pm, and the Wed. 5:45am class will take as scheduled.

It’s not too late to take advantage of the summer special for $100.00.

Got that Grit?

Got a goal? If you’re going to reach it, you need some grit. It determines if and how you’re able to push through challenges and be successful (in whatever you do).

If you find yourself struggling to overcome obstacles, possibly ditching goals too early, thinking you don’t have what it takes….read this article: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/success-secrets

If you find yourself setting and meeting short and long term goals, looking for new challenges, leaping over obstacles…read this article: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/success-secrets

Boot Cancer Mini Camp Challenge Series

A “gritty” group of competitors and volunteers came out to the Franklin County Relay for Life this past Saturday night. Collins-Perley was full of life, sounds and music….and, grunts, screams, moans, and a few #^#! words. The event had 11 people compete. For the girls, we had Lisamarie, Paula, Carma, Jennifer, Lisa S., Bonnie Aloisi and Mariah Murphy from St. Albans. The men included Adam Parent, the host coordinator of this event, Max Rooney and Gus Mackenzie. For volunteers (timekeepers & med ball recovery), we had Nicki, Lyndsey, Dan, Rick, Joe, and Gail.

As we announced the Boot Cancer event over the loud speaker, two people joined us from the crowd, Mariah and Gus from the Fitness Zone. They truly fit the mold of gritty.

The rain held off and the men went first, followed by 3 rounds of the ladies. In the last round, I just finished my jump ropes and I looked up and there was the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. It was so large and seemed so close. The rainbow was a fitting symbol for the Relay for Life.

Below are the results. I am so deeply proud of all you.  Your gave it your all in front of many strangers at a public event. I know some of you never imagined yourself ever doing something like this. I know it may suck when you’re doing it, but you’re so relieved and amped when you accomplish it. My brother has a t-shirt that says it all, “embrace the suck!”  You did your part to help Boot Cancer. Thank you competitors and volunteers! Bonnie, Mariah and Gus, it was a pleasure to meet such outstanding people who jumped right in!

Stay tuned for pictures taken by Exposure Photography.

 Raised $182.00! 

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of $10,000.00!











Lisa D.








Lisa S.






Accommodations were allowed upon request


2 responses to “Week of June 26, 2011

  1. Lisa, I just want to say, “Thank-you”, because of you, I push myself further than I’d ever think I’d go!

    • Boot Camp with LSD

      Thanks Paula, but remember, you make the decision to put on those sneakers every week, 2-3x a week. It’s an amazing feeling to reach heights that were never thought possible, or in your sites. This proves, that humans are in complete control of their destinies and accomplishments. You are PROOF!!

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