Week of June 19, 2011

Week in Review

Wow, last week started with a tough run (the Kevin loop 3x), lap one was 10 push-ups for every 80 steps, lap 2 and 3 was running only. The group then moved onto stations of jump ropes, overhead lunges, diagonal shuttle runs uphill, and tricep dips. We finished with hill sprints in all different ways. It was great to have Lynn Lena’s group come and train with us. They’re training for the upcoming Spartan Race in Killington. We’re all Spartans, persons of great courage and self-discipline. Thursday included a refreshing trail run (out of the sun), more hill work with shuttle runs and lots of air squats. It was topped off with several bicycle crunches and planks. The best part is working out in amazing weather and taking deep-breath views  of our outdoor playground.

AM Classes; Summer Special

This Wednesday morning at 5:45 am is the start of the summer special.  Now, classes are 3x a week.  No excuses! Go to the Location & Schedule page for more details.

Ready to take the hill, over and over again

June 25 at 7pm: Come Join Us!

Next Saturday is a Mini Camp competition for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The Franklin County Relay starts at 6 pm, and the Mini Camp starts at 7 pm at Collins-Perley in St. Albans. Start times are every 15 minutes. The event ends at 8:30 pm. We’re looking for volunteers to count reps and competitors to step into the ring to help raise money to Boot Cancer. Pay what you can, bring who you can. The workout has been adjusted, but remember, you can always ask for modifications and you don’t have to complete all reps at once…take a break, chip away, you can do it!!!  Here’s the adjusted workout:

100 bicycle crunches, 10 push-ups, run 200 meters, 10 push-ups, med ball toss on either side of midfield (until both balls cross the end line); walking lunge width of soccer field carrying the weight anyway (not just overhead) 45lbs-men; 25lbs-women

Run Stronger

To run stronger, doesn’t mean you run longer. Runners need strength, endurance and intensity. At a running plateau? You need strength, endurance and intensity. Always going for the short run or training at the same pace is not what makes a strong runner. For those of you who have been running, you may be thinking, “I’m a strong runner.” But have you wondered about your performance  if you were stronger??? Have you wondered about your potential? Runners, and all of us, need resistance training to build strength, circuit training to built endurance and hills, plyometrics and speed to build intensity.  So for those of you who read this, please pass this on to the runner, who just runs. . . they’re missing out!


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