Week of March 27, 2010

Week in Review

Last week was a full-house of tabata push-ups & lunges, push-presses, wall-balls, boxing, deck-of-death and much more . . . You continue to push yourself to the next level and you’re seeing the results . . . stronger, leaner, more energy, more confident.  You all believe that you must COMMIT THE GRIT!

Don’t forget that people gather on Sundays at 3:30 pm for a 30 minute fun-run/walk. Meet at the small church parking lot next to Foothills Bakery. We run down River Rd.

We’ll see you this Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. Let’s hope for better weather this week so we can spend a longer time outside. In addition to hand-weights, you may want to look into getting yourself a nice jump rope. Here is a link to a great jump rope workout that you can do at home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3nlb6bEGxY&feature=related

Smoothie Recipes

We talked about smoothies last week.  Here’s some smoothie recipes that are posted on the 100 Day Challenge website.  I just downed a great blueberry, banana, almond milk, flax meal smoothie….mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Berry Balanced:

–         1 cup of berries, either a mix or a solo berry (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry) supplies carbs as well as fiber, antioxidants, vitamins etc.

–         ½ cup yogurt or more (low fat plain or vanilla) try to get the kind with live active cultures for digestive health, supplies protein & fat

–         1 tblsp of peanut butter–try one of the awesome Vermont Peanut Butter Co’s varieties or 1 tblsp of a protein powder (look for natural and low sugar protein powders). Protein & a touch of healthy fat supplied here.

–         1 tblsp of fresh ground flax seed meal or flax seed oil (great source of fiber & omega 3 essential fatty acid…which is crucial for joint health to keep ya active!)

–         1-2 cups (depending on how thick you like it) of grapefruit juice – a low glycemic index fruit (avoid other fruit juices as they are often full of sugar or high on the glycemic index) or substitute rice milk/almond milk/soy milk/water etc.

Blend all of the above ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Avocado & Berry Smoothie

  1. 1/2 cup Coconut/Almond Milk
  2. 1/2 California Avocado
  3. 1/2 cup Strawberries
  4. 5 Macadamia Nuts (1 T of your favorite nut butter)
  5. 1 Scoop Whey protein
  6. About 2 oz water
  7. Add ice to your desire

Here’s a few links to more recipes:



The Low-Down if you Slow-Down

I know (I hope) you won’t stop exercising (you’ve worked so hard to get where you are now); however, have you wondered what would happen to your body if you ceased your exercise routine?  Below are excerpts from an article that gives you the low-down when you sl0w-down . . .

“When you decide to add a fitness component to your life, it is undoubtedly a very satisfying thing. You workout at regular times on regular days and you see results. After a couple of months, maybe you decide to take a few of days off to go on a trip, rest your muscles and enjoy life.

Heck you earned it, right?

But sometimes life throws you a curve – injury, holidays, vacations, de-motivated, or something else and you are either forced to stop or choose to stop.

For the sake of this discussion let’s take out the injury option. If something injury related happens then you simply cannot perform, you must rest, rehabilitate, or recover from whatever has happened. It may be trauma, sports injury, or elective surgery. In those cases it is doctor’s orders, nothing else.

But what if you make a conscious decision to go on a trip, take a break, or you just don’t feel like it and blow it off? What happens?

Let me give you a heads-up and tell you what won’t happen. You might lose some of the muscle mass and gain some fat during the break, but your muscle physiologically cannot turn to fat. So we need to put that wives tale to rest from the start.

However, here is what most likely would happen:

Muscular Strength: Studies have shown that muscular strength will return to pre-exercise levels after a 4 to 12 week break. This means if you keep a good diet you will be smaller but significantly weaker, a whole lot flabbier, and much less toned.

Muscular Size: Muscles will shrink after 4-12 weeks off. (Read Muscle Strength again.)

Cardio: Research shows you begin to lose aerobic conditioning as soon as two weeks. You will be more tired doing the same workout you did two weeks ago sooner than you are used to being.

Metabolism: When your muscles atrophy (shrink in size due to inactivity), your metabolism slows down. Therefore if you continue to eat the way you should during your weight training and eat the same amount, you will ultimately gain weight. Simply stated, when you are working out you need food as fuel. If you don’t exercise and burn off the fuel, the food has to go somewhere. It is stored as fat.

Inside all of that there is a silver lining. Once you start exercising again it all comes back faster than the first time. It won’t be days if you chose to take a long break but it won’t be months either.

Moral of the story: If you are just having a bad day – try and simply get started with your workout. InevitablyFind Article, you will get motivated to continue and finish it. And then you won’t have to deal with any of the above.”   Source: Bobby Kelly, Articles Factory


One response to “Week of March 27, 2010

  1. Good article! Good to know you can bounce back relatively quickly should you need to miss a week or 2.

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