Week of February 6, 2011

Pushin’ It at Boot Camp

I’m deeply proud of how hard and fast everyone is willing to go.  You’re all performing at above-average levels.  After the pain subsides, I’m sure you feel like a million bucks.  Last week we got Sam to squat beyond 90 degrees, Lynn did all 30 burpees during the 5 rounds (well that’s what she said), Lisa S. never stopped smiling, and all of you broke your personal best for the 2 minute squat drill.  You’re an amazing group of people!

Me??  A Power Athlete Too?

Today is America’s biggest sporting event, the Super Bowl.  Packers vs. Steelers (go Steelers :-).  Football players are highly conditioned machines prepared for high impact, quick movement, endurance draining action.  These athletes are considered Power Athletes.  Believe it or not, you’re considered a power athlete too. Yes, you.

Your boot camp training includes some of the same conditioning drills performed by NFL athletes.  From cone drills to Tabata conditioning–YOU’RE a power athlete.   You’re building endurance and strength and having FUN (well at least it looks like you are). Can you join the Packers and Steelers? Well, most of us can’t, however, look around you when you’re grocery shopping, eating out, getting coffee–how many people like you do you see?  Remember you are the exception, you are doing what others think of doing!  You are a POWER ATHLETE! Congratulations!  Enjoy the game today.

Live Tight and Right: Lose 40% More Fat

This might be the biggest secret in fat loss. While you’ve no doubt been told that aerobic exercise is the key to losing belly flab, weight training is actually far more valuable. Case in point: Penn State University researchers put overweight people on a reduced-calorie diet, and divided them into three groups—one that didn’t exercise, another that performed aerobic exercise 3 days a week, and a third that did both aerobic exercise and weight training 3 days a week.

The results: Each of the groups lost nearly the same amount of weight—about 21 pounds. But the lifters shed about 6 more pounds of fat than did those who didn’t pump iron. Why? Because their weight loss was almost pure fat, while the other two groups lost just 15 pounds of lard, along with several pounds of muscle. Do the math and you’ll see that weights led to 40 percent greater fat loss.

This isn’t a one-time finding. Research on non-lifting dieters shows that, on average, 75 percent of their weight loss is from fat, and 25 percent is muscle. That 25 percent may reduce your scale weight, but it doesn’t do a lot for your reflection in the mirror. It also makes you more likely to gain back the flab you lost. However, if you weight train as you diet, you’ll protect your hard-earned muscle and burn more fat instead.

Think of it in terms of liposuction: The whole point is to simply remove unattractive flab, right? That’s exactly what you should demand from your workout. (Source: several listed this article from health journals to Oprah).

100 Day Challenge

All 15 spots are filled and we have a waiting list.  We are excited to see that so many people are serious about a challenge like this.  For those on the waiting list, we’ll notify you if a spot becomes available after week 1.  Thank you to our newest program partners.  We now have support from Fleet Feet in Essex, Sweet Clover Market, Tia Rooney Photography, New Chapter Vitamins, plus a few more to come!  http://www.100dayvtchallenge.wordpress.com


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